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Tokyo Revengers chapter 225 spoilers update, read manga online

October 4, 2021

Tokyo Revengers chapter 225 spoilers update, read manga online

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 describes the last moments in the life of Draken, who is about to die before our eyes. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 begins with a strange episode at Rokuhara Tandai’s hideout, in which a gang member punishes four members on his own. As seen in Tokyo Revenger, there are many motorcycle gangs vying for control of the Shibuya district in Tokyo. During the events of the final chapter of Tokyo Revengers, the mysterious Biker Gang is reunited and those responsible for Draken’s death face dire consequences. Apparently, their boss fears that they will accidentally kill Draken rather than the intended victim, Takemichi. He confronts them and asks why they shot Draken and whether or not they should have. The chapter title says “Cutthroat.”

Despite brutalizing them, the boss realizes that they have caught one of the most feared criminals in Tokyo and congratulates them on their good work. Fast forward to a merry-go-round at an amusement park. As the medics load Draken into the ambulance, it’s still raining. People have gathered in the streets, curious to know what is going on. Takemichi, meanwhile, goes the other way. That’s when Takemichi realizes that Senju called him and asked him about Dranken’s health. When the doctor apologized, Dranken was already upset, so the doctor couldn’t finish his sentence. The Doctor makes a phone call and admits that he and his team were unable to save Draken from his current state.

The doctor’s words reached Takemichi, and he knew that Draken was no longer alive. Once Takemichi has had time to understand what the doctor said, he calls Senju again. Senju is puzzled and turns to Takemichi for advice. When he sees Takemichi’s gesture, he knows that it’s over for Draken. Takemichi regrets responding to Senju and apologizes for not listening to what he had to say. Suddenly another person appears and starts yelling Senju’s name. Read For More Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Spoilers Release Date Read Manga Online

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224 Summary

Before in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224; In response to Takeomi’s question, Draken was shot and Senju heard Takemichi’s story. He then asks Takeomi how he found out. After realizing that Senju captured him, Takeomi yells the “F” word. As Senju questions Takeomi, Takemichi remains stunned by what happened. Takeomi replies that they owe Rokuhara Tandai something in return. Bekei and the rest of his group arrive, and Senju wonders out loud why Takeomi is saying such a thing.

In response to Benikei’s orders, Senju informed Takeomi that they still couldn’t gather all of the BRAHMAN. Takeomi insists that action must be taken immediately. I’m not in the mood to do that today, Senju said. The fact that Draken was killed means that they can’t look around without doing something, as Takeomi tells him. War is a bloodbath, not a competition to see who can be more brutal. Takeomi claims that he is willing to accept whatever happens to him from now on. Senju claims that Rokuhara is to blame for everything that went wrong, because it wasn’t meant to be. To the outside world, Takemichi appears to be a statue. When they saw the BRAHMAN approaching, they prepared to exact revenge on Draken.

Someone says things are getting interesting around here. Senju recognizes Rokuhara as the gang member who yells “We have reached Draken’s requiem!” upon arrival. Gang boss Rokuhara has said that they could start Armageddon after telling Takeomi to do so. There is going to be a fight between ROKUHARA and BRAHMAN. Takeomi concludes by saying that they have a chance to figure this out right away. When they hear the sound of a motorcycle that they recognize, they know that things are going to get complicated. A motorcycle with a KAMIKAZE license plate stops. Mikey turns to everyone and sees himself perched on top of the bike.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Spoilers

In the previous chapter, Mikey appeared out of nowhere. To begin with, it could imply that the fight between the three gods has already begun. Mikey is the focal point of the final arc, and Draken’s death inevitably brought him to the surface.

The only reason he hasn’t reconnected with the former Toman members is because he desperately wants to save their lives. However, despite this, he clearly lost his best childhood friend. While saving Senju and Mikey, Takemichi also lost someone he loved very much. Another interpretation is that Mikey came to end the conflict between Rokuhara and Brahman.

He wants to deal with the people who shot Draken on his own. Everyone in Draken’s family knows that Mikey will do whatever it takes to get revenge. The final arc of Tokyo Revengers seems intense so far.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 225 release date

The Tokyo Revengers manga has been on the rise recently, and the fan base has grown rapidly since the anime adaptation was released. According to reports from Tokyo Revengers, the most recent release schedule New Chapter: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 will be released on October 6, 2021. It is also possible that the chapter will be released earlier than expected, so fans should be on the lookout. at this point. .

Where can I read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225?

The official licensee for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 is Kodanshacomics, and fans can purchase the individual volumes by visiting their official websites. They can also visit other private websites to keep up to date with the latest chapters. We will continue to publish articles about Tokyo Revengers. Keep an eye on us until then.