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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225: release date and spoilers

October 1, 2021

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225: release date and spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 reveals the last moment of Draken, who is on the brink of death. The mysterious incident at Rokuhara Tandai’s hideout begins with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225, with a gang member punishing four guys without help. Tokyo Revenger reveals the rivalry between different motorcycle gangs to rule Tokyo, Shibuya. In the final chapter of Tokyo Revengers, the mysterious motorcycle gang reunites and the guys who shot Draken are punished. Their leader is concerned that Draken was shot instead of the actual target, Takemichi. He asks them why they shot Draken and they shouldn’t have done those things. The title of the chapter is “Cutthroat”.

The boss realizes that one of the most feared guys in Tokyo has been taken away and congratulates them saying they did a good job even though he brutalized them. Cut to the amusement park. The rain continues to fall as the medics put Draken in the ambulance. Citizens have gathered and wonder what is happening. Takemichi walks in the opposite direction. Senju calls him, and Takemichi realizes that he asked the doctor how Draken was doing. The doctor told him that he was sorry, but that Dranken was, and that he had not finished his words. The doctor makes a call and reveals that they were unable to save Draken.

Takemichi heard what the doctor said and accepted that Draken was dead. Senju calls Takemichi several times, and Takemichi responds after considering what the doctor told him. Senju wonders what’s going on and asks Takemichi what they should do. He realizes it’s over for Draken by looking at Takemichi’s gesture. Takemichi realizes that he responded to Senju and apologizes for not hearing what he said. He asks her to repeat it, and another boy walks in yelling Senju’s name.

Previously in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224

Takeomi asks if it is true that Draken was shot and Senju was listening to Takemichi. She turns around and asks how Takeomi is aware of this incident. Takeomi realizes that Senju got it and says the S word. Takemichi is still shocked by what happened while Senju interrogates Takeomi. Takeomi replies that they have to pay Rokuhara Tandai. Senju wonders why Takeomi says that, and Bekei arrives with other members of his gang.

Benikei tells his men to round up all of the BRAHMAN members, and Senju tells Takeomi that they can’t do it now. Takeomi insists that the time to act is now. Senju replies that he is not in the mood to do it today. Takeomi reminds him that Draken has been killed and that they cannot sit back and do nothing. He reminds her that this is a bloodbath and not who number one is. Takeomi swears that he is ready to accept anything that may happen from now on. Senju reveals that Rokuhara ruined everything because things shouldn’t have been this way. Takemichi is standing like a statue. They have heard footsteps and the members of BRAHMAN are ready to avenge Draken.

A voice says that here it comes to life. A mysterious gang member yells that they came to Draken’s requiem; Senju realizes that this is Rokuhara. Takeomi tells Rokuhara’s gang to leave, and the leader replies that they could start with Armageddon. Rokuhara vs. BRAHMAN is about to begin. Takeomi adds that they can fix this now. They hear the sound of a motorcycle they know and realize that things are going to get complicated. A motorcycle stops with a KAMIKAZE license plate. Mikey looks at everyone, and it’s him in the flesh on the roof of that bike.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 225 release date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 will be released on Thursday, October 6, 2021. Mikey has suddenly arrived and Takemichi yells his name. Rokuhara’s gang trembles when they see Mikey. We will see in the next chapter if the battle between the three deities will begin. The reason for Mikey’s arrival will be revealed in the next chapter of Tokyo Revengers.

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You can read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 online at other websites. The official Tokyo Revengers website is inaccessible, but new chapters will be posted every week.