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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Release date, Spoilers, Read manga online

July 16, 2021

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 has been eagerly awaited by most of the fans and interestingly, they wanted to know when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 will be released. We’ve updated everything we’ve gathered about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215, the promo, when, where to read it, and more. You can only read below and get a clear idea of ​​the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 release date.

Chapter 215 Predictions and Spoilers

Draken gave South Terano a dose of his own medicine in his last chapter of “Tokyo Revengers.” Fans were eagerly awaiting to see former Tokyo Vice Captain Manji Gang return to the helm of Rokuhara Tandai, which eventually happened in Chapter 214. South and Draken agreed to resolve the issue with each other. Times with the imminent arrival of the police on the scene. .

But the final chapter left fans with another shocking reveal that could have significant effects on the manga’s plot. Draken told Takemichi, in the last table of the manga, that he was a member of the Brahman gang. This explains why Akashi and Karawagi Senju only wanted Takemichi to be recruited.

215 “Tokyo Revengers” could explain why Draken decided to join Brahman. Is it your motivation to save Mikey from total destruction? Will Hanagaki Takemichi take a trip back in time with the Brahman gang?

Tokyo Revengers episode 215 release date

The Tokyo Revengers manga has been on the rise recently, and the fan base has grown rapidly since the anime adaptation was released. According to reports from Tokyo Revengers, the most recent release schedule, the new chapter: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Release date: July 21, 2021. It is also possible that the chapter will be released earlier than planned, so fans they should be vigilant at this point.

Where can I read Chapter 215 of Tokyo Revengers?

The official licensee of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 is Kodanshacomics, and fans can purchase the individual volumes by visiting their official websites. They can also visit other private sites to keep up to date with the latest chapters. We will continue to publish articles about Tokyo Revengers. Keep an eye on us until then.