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To Your Eternity Episode 3: A Little Revolution Release Date

April 23, 2021

The title of episode 3 of To Your Eternity is “A Little Revolution.” This season’s most anticipated anime adaptation is finally here, and audiences are already loving it. Only two episodes have aired so far, but the series has already proven its potential. It is also very popular, being the adaptation of a critically acclaimed manga.

Manga artist Yoshitoki Oima, known for the masterpiece “A Silent Voice,” brought another intriguing story to life in the form of the To You Eternity manga series. Therefore, fans are also expecting a lot from this series. Fortunately, she already seems to fill them as she managed to hook the audience from the very first episode. Now they are waiting for the premiere of the third episode. So when will it be released? Read on to find out.

To Your Eternity Episode 3: Plot Preview and Details!

The first two episodes of the anime brilliantly established its plot and introduced the main characters. Now, starting with next week’s episode, the series will begin to accelerate. In the previous episode, the relationship between March and the entity was strengthened as they both share the same desire to survive. So, in episode 3 of To You Eternity, March will teach everything to the boy who knows nothing. She will take care of him like a mother. Meanwhile, Parona will fight to save March as Hayase pursues her relentlessly. Therefore, Parona will try to get to March before Hayase can get her back.

Summary of the previous episode!

In the second episode of the To Your Eternity anime, viewers saw the entity walking to make the boy’s dream come true. However, he died six times during this trip. After walking in the snow, she crosses a forest and is eaten alive by a bear. However, this was not a big problem. On the other hand, March and her friend Parona played in the village. March is eager to grow up so that she can become a mother. However, Hayase, a warrior, chooses March as his next sacrifice for the Spirit Bear. As a result, his life is turned upside down. Her friend Parona helps her escape from town. In the forest, March sees the body of the entity and triggers its awakening.

To Your Eternity Episode 3: Release Date

After an episode filled with gripping drama, fans are eager to see another. Therefore, episode 3 of To Your Eternity will be released on Monday, April 26, 2021. It will be available for streaming online on VRV and Crunchyroll.