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The Vanitas Case Study Episode 7 Release Date and Preview

August 8, 2021

Vanitas Case Study Episode 7 Release Date and Preview

The battle continues in The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 7. Noe fights with Charlatan, who casts a spell on him and reminds him of his past. Noe remembers the day he lost Loise, who was beheaded and left the fight with Charlatan, who nearly killed him. Vanitas goes back in time and dispels Charlatan’s magic as he frees Noe from the magical feeling. Vanitas is the vampire of the blue moon and Noe is the vampire of the red sun. Despite the hatred between these two clans, the two decided to work together. Noe wants to achieve his master’s goal, while Vanitas intends to save the nation from vampires.

The episode begins with another flashback of Noe, who realizes that his name is a secret and that no one should know. His tutor has created a formula that gives Neo the shape of what he is. Charlatan told Neo that he would give him a valid name. After saving Noe, Vanitas asks him what he was doing with Charlatan or if he sprained his ankle while dancing. Charlatan asks who was this guy who dared to hit him hard. One of the vampires who was hiding nearby saw Luca and wanted to detonate him.

Jeann came along and killed this vampire with one blow. Jean told the vampire to stay away from Master Luca. Luca asks Charlatan what he wants and if he is responsible for the commotion. Two vampires stand near Charlatan and prepare to help defeat these three. Charlatan has changed form, and one of the vampires calls her Naenia and reminds her that they have been here too long and must go.

Previously on The Case: Vanitas Study Episode 6

The vampire reminds Naenia that the Queen’s Fangs will soon find out everything, and Naeni summons a troop of vampires. The trio fight the army and realize that Naenia is screaming to unleash the emotions of the vampires. The enemies leave and leave a message indicating that they have had a taste of Naenia. The next time they meet, Naenia will give Noe a real identity. Noe wonders why Naenia created curse bearers and what happened to Louise. Jeann uses a series of repetitions and sends all the vampires who scold them into the air.

Jeann and Luca chase the trio, and Domi arrives wondering if Noe is okay. Domi tells Noe to compose himself because the curse bearers are in the great room. Vanitas comments that it is the malnomen Disonance, the orchestra of beasts. This rare anomaly occurs when people with illnesses come together. The voice they emit creates a dissonance that drives everyone around them crazy. Domi asks if Vanitas is the one who can save them.

Vanitas shows him the Book of Vanitas and tells him that he will see what he can do. Domi draws her sword to protect Vanitas as she casts spells to heal the bearer of the curse. She warns him that they will roll their heads if he doesn’t work quickly while they are still unconscious. The two head to the Great Hall to help the bearer of the curse, and Noe realizes that the power that Vanitas wields can save them. They managed to protect them and sent Lucas to his family. Later, Noe tells Vanitas that he will stay by her side no matter what.

The Vanitas Case Study episode 7 release date

The premiere date for The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 7 is August 14 at 12:00 pm This anime will launch a new show every Saturday. The episode in other countries comes out on Friday, and those who are not in Japan can use that time and receive the episode on Friday. Note that the second cut of this anime is TBA. Take a look at the latest preview of The Vanitas Case Study below.

Where to see The Vanitas case study?

You can watch The Vanitas Episode 7 Case Study online at Funimation and ANIPLUS. The Vanitas case study is available on its official website and on other platforms with English subtitles. The new episode of the anime will air on Funimation as soon as its name is released. See you when another episode of The Case: Study-of Vanitas airs in other countries on Friday.