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The Slime Diaries Episode 5 Release Date

April 28, 2021

As an anime adapted from that time i got reincarnated as a slime, The Slime Diaries will reveal the journey of Rimuru and the Jura Tempest monsters. On his journey, Rimuru lives a peaceful life with his nation as the war has just ended. All you want is to relax and have fun with the monsters. After completing their duties in Jura Tempest, Rimuru and the others go on vacation. The next morning, they arrive at the lake and set up their camp.

Rimuru told them that they had found a perfect lake in the Jura forest as a possible place for a summer retreat. The girls enjoy the view of the Jura forest and point out that they did not know that there was such a wonderful place beyond the forest. They wonder why Rimuru kept this from them. But they realize that he saved it as a surprise for his summer vacation. Shuna realizes that it reminds her of her homeland, Lake Siss. Shuna is happy that the weather is nice today.

Previously on The Slime Diaries Episode 4

Gobta calls Rimuru and tells him that they have finished pitching the tents. Rimuru tells everyone to put on their bathing suits. Gobta can’t wait to see the girls naked, and the girls wonder what Rimuru will look like in a bathing suit. They both dress up and Gobta enjoys looking at and smelling the girls’ breasts. But when Rimuru arrives, they are both stunned to see her bathing suit. Shiona almost collapsed because she was scared. Shuna comments saying what kind of swimsuit it is, and Ranga also felt embarrassed.

Rimuru wears a bathing suit that looks like he just got out of prison. The demons who are locked in the demon realm were also shocked by what this slime is wearing. They wonder what the great Rimuru is doing, and the Flaming Red Demon replies that he likes to bathe in the lake. Veldora is jealous of Rimuru taking advantage, while he is locked in here working on the analysis of unlimited imprisonment. The Blazing Red Demon tells Veldora to focus on the game they are playing.

He sees that it’s checkmate, and Veldora realizes he’s losing the game every time he looks away. Veldora is not interested in gambling nowadays and wonders what are these things that Rimuru uses with others. The flaming red Demond reveals that they are swimsuits. It also reveals that humans and similar creatures use them when entering the water. Veldora wonders why they cover up every day, but now they are half naked.

He looks at Shion’s chest, and when he sees the melons, he comments that the light hurts his eyes. He asks Red why they are fully exposed today, and Red responds that it is his way of having fun. Veldora is impressed that Rimuru is still covering himself, and comments that my boy. Red finds out why Rimuru wears her swimsuit differently from everyone else. He comments that he might be intending to imitate the Storm Serpent or something.

Red reveals that the demons that wear clothes and cover his entire body are the smartest. Veldora realizes that he is a dragon and that he is still naked, and wonders if he is not an idiot. He comments that maybe he should wear clothes, and Red is surprised that they are misunderstood. Gobta likes to see girls, but wonders why Shuna isn’t half naked like the other girls.

She came in a bikini and blouse, insisting that Shuna has to wear this to make her chest stand out. This enraged Rimuru and Shion, and the two sent Gobta flying with a powerful blow. They realize that Gobta is mischievous and that he will stop at nothing to see naked girls. Later that night, Gobta returns with a full face and they are enjoying dinner together. But Gobta is disappointed that he lost his sight in the afternoon as he was sent away after taking those heavy blows from Rimuru and Shion.

Release date for Slime Diaries Episode 5

Slime Diaries Episode 5 will be released on Tuesday, May 3, 2021 at 11:00 p.m. JST. You can watch Slime Diaries officially online on Crunchyroll.