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The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent Episode 6 Release Date

May 6, 2021

Sei’s journey to becoming a saint continues, but King Kyle is against the idea of ​​Sei being the true saint. Sei and Johan meet with the senior official, who tells Sei that she needs to be evaluated. The magic power of the Saint is omnipotent also known as Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu. Sei agrees, and the senior officials explain to him that evaluation magic requires the conscious consent of the target, and that he should relax and let the spell end. After casting a spell on her, Sei and Johan go somewhere to finish their work.

During his journey, Johan notices that Sei is wondering something. He asks her why she is frowning when they are going to evaluate her. Sei smiles, but realizes that everyone in town considers her a true saint. They have witnessed its healing powers. He realizes that there is still Aira who was there during the summons. But the reason Aira and Sei have yet to be evaluated is because the Grand Wizard fell unconscious during the summoning ritual. The Great Magician is the only one who can evaluate them.

Previously on The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Episode 5

Sei realizes that the Great Wizard has awakened and that the truth about the identity of the true Saint will soon be revealed. She wonders what will happen if the Great Magician chooses her as Santa. Johan reminds him of the patients he treated before with a single spell. He reveals that reports indicate that the monster population has steadily decreased since the summoning.

Johan concludes that this means that the Saint was indeed invoked. He reveals that the Saint accompanied knight orders on expeditions in the past, helping as only she could eradicate monsters from the earth. Sei asks if that means he has to go to battle. Johan realizes that the other part of Sei is convinced that she is the real Saint, but the other part is not convinced. Sei reveals that he had never been close to a battle before. The world he came from was peaceful and he wonders if he will be able to fight.

Johan tells him that he will not be allowed to fight until he has received some training. He reveals that Aira, who was summoned alongside Sei, is training at the Academy. Sei asks Johan what will happen to her if they find out and find out that she is the Saint. Johan reveals that Aira will likely take over all of the Saint’s duties. But they will also ask Sei to join them in a supporting role. Sei asks if he can return to the Royal Assembly if he agrees to help.

Johan responds that he is not sure and comments that he would like to stay at the institute. They arrive at the Royal Assembly and everyone whispers that it is the Saint. Sei walks as if he can’t hear them. Sei and Johan meet the Grand Wizard, who tries to evaluate Sei, but nothing happens. The Grand Wizard is shocked and reveals that Sei’s power is greater than his own. He tells her that the evaluation is over and that there is nothing they can do. But he asks her to show him how to cast spells.

Grand Magus asks her to cast Heal, and she wonders why he told her a simple spell. Sie cast Heal, and the Magus cast Heal as well. They saw the difference since Sei’s Heal is more powerful than Grand Magus’ Heal. He thanks her for cooperating with him, but doesn’t tell her if she is a Saint. Sei and Johan have left town and she wonders what will happen next. Sei realizes that everything he does is 1.5 times more powerful. Everything she did was a surprise to everyone around her.

Later, the Grand Wizard speaks with high officials and with King Kyle. They tell him that they don’t know who the real Saint is. The Grand Wizard surprises them by revealing that Lady Sei is the Saint. Reveal the difference between Aira and Sei. The next day, Sei learns the truth and prepares for the saints ceremony, announcing her as the new saint. King Kyle couldn’t believe that Sei had been chosen instead of Aira.

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent episode 6 release date

Episode 6 of The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent will be released on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 11:30 pm JST. You can watch The Saints Magic Power is Omnipotent online at animelab.