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The night beyond the tricornered window release date

July 9, 2021

With more anime hitting the Fall 2021 roster, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window anime will follow, as its proposed anime adaptation was recently announced. Lately, there have been a succession of announcements and new anime adaptations are making headlines. The latest news has been announced on The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window’s official site, regarding the upcoming television adaptation and its release date in October.

Among the details of the announcement are a PV and key artwork for all nine episodes. The main cast and production crew were revealed along with the announcement. The project will be directed by Yoshitaka Yasuda (who also worked on OVA Tsugumomo as director), in collaboration with Zero-G Studios, and will also be in charge of character design. Daijii Iwananga will serve as chief director, while Ayumi Sekine (who has also worked on projects like Makura no Danshi) will oversee the anime scripts.

The anime manga is currently serialized by SuBlime. The story follows the life of Kosuke Mikado, a shy bookstore worker. He has the ability to see ghosts, but he wishes he didn’t have that ability as he is still terrified by what he sees.

He meets Rihito Hiyawaka, who is an exorcist, and his supernatural powers are as strong as his social graces are weak. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything, be it mortal or immortal. This strange couple come together to try to solve the strange cases they find using strange methods.

Let’s take a look at the latest developments regarding the upcoming anime projects that have been revealed so far. As of yet, there isn’t much information on the anime’s history, but the PV and key arts have already been released.

Release date of the anime The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window anime will launch in October 2021. Few details have been released about the upcoming anime, meaning more detailed information will be released as the premiere months approach. The officially revealed VP and key arts are as follows:

The anime follows the manga adaptation of the same name that debuted on BExBOY in March 2013. It received good popularity in anime fandom and also inspired a live-action film that premiered further in early January. The film was originally slated for fall 2020, but has experienced delays due to the ongoing pandemic and was released in January 2021 as a result.

The manga was also published in 8 volumes by Libre in collaboration with Kurofune Comics. Volume 2 of the manga included an additional art card with purchases available on Amazon. Later, Viz Media announced in September 2014 that they would be licensing the series for its English-language releases in North America and also introduced the digital copies of the manga.

The manga reportedly sold a total of one million physical copies in Japan as of January 2020. The manga’s first volume also rose to No.14 on the Oricon and sold a large number of physical copies during its first few weeks of sales.

The horror and mystery that the anime’s plot will bring is also touted by critics as the series’ greatest strength, and if you focus less on romance, it will be easier for all types of readers to appreciate it.

We expect more details about the upcoming anime to be released at a later date. This will include the number of episodes from the first season of the anime. And of course its premiere date, because as of now, we only know that the anime will debut in October.

So the anime’s producers have yet to give up and find out the anime’s premiere date, as well as the streaming channels and websites that fans can watch the anime on when it launches. For more information on which anime will debut in Fall 2021, you can read our full article on the Fall 2021 anime roster.