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The Max Level Hero has returned chapter 70 release date, spoilers and recap

November 19, 2021

The Max-Level-Hero Is Back Chapter 70 is back after the manga delayed the previous chapter. This is the sequel to Davey vs. Count Cléo. Davey enters the dungeon to save his sister, Princess Winley. Count Cleo regrets having fallen into Davey’s trap and is punished. In the final chapter of “The Top Level Hero Has Returned”, Count Cleo learns that Davey is from another level; even their fundamental skills are better than yours. He realizes that it doesn’t work that he was the captain of the Imperial Knights.

Cléo asks Davey what it is and he falls down because he couldn’t get up. On the ground, he realizes that the last blow was meant to crush Davey to pieces, but nothing happened to Davey. Davey decides to go see Winley and Ulysses and realizes that he has defeated Cleo. He asks Winley how she is, and Winley tells him that she is fine. Ulysses thinks he caused Davey trouble, and he never would have thought Davey would be tougher than that. He asks about the curse and Davey tells him not to worry as he has taken care of it.

But he is worried because he has been neglected and if he dies, they will no longer be able to produce remedies, and Lington would not allow it. Davey tells Ulysses and Winley to leave, and he will follow after taking care of those who remain. Winley wonders if Davey wants to kill those who remain. Looking around, they realize that Cleo has escaped, but left her sword. Odysseus realizes that he doesn’t have enough mana to chase after Cleo. Davey shows them a new spell and decides that the Red Tower will take care of Cleo.

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Davey opens Mana’s door and appears on the other side, but is furious that Cleo is running away after abusing her children. He wonders why Lington brought Winley to the case between them. Later, he appears behind Lington and asks who the real monster is between him and Lington. Lington dodges the decisive blow and enters a magical field that he believes Davey will not be able to penetrate. He tells Davey that he always has an escape plan in case things go wrong when he does things.

Davey analyzes the magic field and realizes that the air has condensed into a magic field. He finds that the Magic Field was created by gathering a significant amount of Mana in one place. Lington laughs, pointing at Davey, thinking he’s safe and will get away. Davey realizes that Lington had to go to considerable effort to create this magical field. Lington blurts out something and tells Davey that he’s done well. Persek warns Davey that Lington is about to leave. Lington tells them that their victory is certain and talks about the Mana Gate that is located among the Relics.

The Gate may be slower, but it will teleport to any Dimension when activated. Lington tells Davey to try to cut through the Mana Gate with his swords. Davey realizes that Lington is underestimating him since he is inside the barrier. Lington adds that anyone who interferes with his investigation will not get away easily. He decided to capture Davey, put him in a test tube, and turn it into one of his experiments. Lington also shows Davey all the data he collects and will rule after Davey’s death.

The Max-Level-Hero has returned the release date of chapter 70

Chapter 70 of The Max-Level-Hero Has Returns will be released on November 23, 2021. Davey asks Lington if he’s finished speaking because his speech is starting to get boring. He picks up Blue and Red and tells Lington that it is his end. Lington is surprised to see Davey inside the fence. Davey tells him that it doesn’t matter if it’s a mana barrier or a gate, as he can break both. Now let’s take a look at the official details of Chapter 70 of Return of the Max Tier Hero.

Read The Max Level-Hero-Has Returns Chapter 70 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read The Max-Level-Hero Has Returns Chapter 70 online on various websites. It is revealed that blue can break anything that is not in the physical realm. He tells her that he has various ways of killing guys like Lington. Lington tried to erase the evidence before he died. See you at the release of Chapter 70 of The Max Level-Hero-Has Returns.