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Summary of One Piece episode 981, release date and watch anime online

July 2, 2021

A play is approaching episode 981. With the arrival of the worst generation pirates, the raid on Onigashima has begun. Along with the Orochi men, Kanjuro showed his true colors and sides that the samurai stand no chance against Kaido. Fortunately, Napping Kyoshiro has arrived and revealed his true identity. Momonosuke has been kidnapped. Kyoshiro told Akazaya that the raid would support his Kyoshiro family. Samurai and Straw Hat pulverize Kaido’s men. A great work begins with war.

Kinemon realizes that they are more than enough to take down Kaido and tell everyone that they are going to Onigashima to avenge Oden’s death. The title of the episode is “A Promise of Tears! The Kidnapped Momonosuke! “Momonosuke begins to ask Kawamatsu for help. The samurai scream that they have been betrayed by the Akazaya Kanjuro. Two green snakes have bound Shinobu, but she tries to free herself. Kawamatsu comes to the rescue and cuts both Shinobu’s snakes. Sanji sees the sky and gets angry at what Kanjuro is doing to Momonosuke.

While Chopper tells Luffy that Kanjuro kidnapped Momonosuke, Sanji jumps towards Kanjuro. Luffy is angry that this bastard has always been fooled by them. Osopp responds that he is going to shoot him. Franky points out that Kanjuro is flying in the clouds. Usopp shoots “Planus Shuriken, green star” that Kanjuro cuts with his Katana. Above the surprised Kanjuro, Sanji watches and kicks hard, blocking Kanjuro’s drawing staff with it. But Sanji landed other strong blows. It swings and misses. Kanjuro says he has no time for fools, shaking his long red hair producing a cloud of darkness. Kinemon warns Sanji to take a step back, as they may never have seen a new technique.

One Piece episode 980 recap

The technique is known as “Ink Cloud” and Kanjuro comments by saying “Let the ink arrow rain”.

While Kanjuro travels to Onigashima, Samura tries to survive the heavy shower of “Ink Arrows”. Ukiyo performance: The evening shower is known as the downpour. Franky is angry that his Sunny has messed with Kanjuro. Zoro joins Franky as the ink arrows are destroyed. Sanji comes to the rescue, luckily he was using his body as a shield.

Sanji comments that Nami and Robin’s heart were the only people allowed to shoot an arrow. Ussop can’t think that Sanji is using his body to block these arrows. He’s too tall, Momonosuke is scared. Kanjuro begs the rain to stop, otherwise they will all die, and Kanjuro replies that they will all die. It reveals that Momo’s father and mother had false hopes and that for 20 years these madmen only escaped death. The members of Akazaya test their swords to survive.

Also in action with Raizo, Kyoshiro, aka Denjiro. It’s not Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke admits, but they have to take the land of Wano. momonosuke announces that everyone should stop caring about him because the enemies want him. And he wants everyone, by saving the land of Wano, to take down Kaido and Orochi. Luffy is happy that Momosuke has stood up like a man and realizes that Momo is not going to kill. Now with Momonosuke they want chaos, but Momo laughs at Luffy. The samurai wonders why he is speaking to the next Shogun in such a rude way.

One Piece episode 981 release date

The premiere date for One Piece episode 981 will be set for Sunday, July 4, 2021.

One Piece Episode 981 Watch Anime

One Piece Episode 981 is also digitally accessible through several different providers. Most of the shows are free or discounted, so catching up on One Piece anime episodes is very convenient. One Piece Episode 981 can be seen on the following channels.