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Spoilers, recap, and release date: Surviving Romance Chapter 19

August 1, 2021

Survive Romance or Surviving Romance is a Korean manhwa or webtoon posted on Naver and WEBTOON. This is a nice mix of the Isekai and Horror genres. Don’t be fooled by the title of the webtoon. It focuses mainly on the main character, Eun Chaerin, who is transported to the romance novel “I’ll Love You Every Day” and becomes its protagonist. Since you have read the novel before, you know how the story will unfold and how it will get its happy ending with the male lead Yu Jeha. However, the unexpected entrance of an extra and strange situation makes the novel go from being a romance novel to a horror and zombie novel. In the last chapter 19, we will see some secrets revealed.

The manhwa Surviving Romance launched on Naver in January 2021. It is a horror webtoon created by The Makeup Remover author Lee Yone. Since its premiere, the manhwa has received good reviews. The webtoon combined the Isekai and Horror genres with a great story. Readers immerse themselves in it as soon as they start reading it. One of the important points is that the webtoon presents the perspectives of all the characters and not just the main ones. Thus, readers know the development of the story from the perspective of all the characters. Although only a few chapters have been published so far, the manhwa does a great job of keeping readers interested.

Release date of Chapter 19 of Survive Romance

Survive Romance Chapter 19 will be released on August 5, 2021. It is available in Korean and English. The webtoon was launched on January 15, 2021 on Naver and its English version was launched on April 14, 2021 on WEBTOON by Lee Yone. While the Korean version of each new chapter comes out once a week, every Saturday on Naver, the English version comes out every Thursday on WEBTOON. So far, 28 chapters in Korean and 18 chapters in English have been published.

If you understand the Korean language or are native, you can read it on Naver. International fans can read it on the WEBTOON website or mobile app (LINE Webtoon). Once you have created an account on WEBTOON, go to ORIGINALS, click THURSDAY in the CONTINUED section, and there you will find the webtoon. We suggest that readers read it on the legally licensed platform rather than on illegal sites. Creators put a lot of effort into their work, so please support them by reading their work only on legally permitted sites.

Story summary

The Survive Romance or Surviving Romance webtoon is an ongoing Korean manhwa. This is not one of those romantic manhwa cliches. The story of the webtoon revolves around a high school student, Eun Chaerin, who is transported to her favorite romance novel and becomes the protagonist of “I’ll Love You More.” There is no clear explanation of how it is transported. Since you’ve already read the full story, you know how the story unfolds. But what she doesn’t know is how wrong she is.

She knows how she will get her happy ending with lead actor Yu Jeha, the love interest. That day finally arrives. However, a strange twist completely changes the story. You will need the help of an unlikely character from your class to challenge the new scenario. And he finds his happy ending, if only he could find out first who this Extra Stranger is! Thus begins her new journey of adventure and terror, with her classmates joining her.

Webtoon spoilers

In the first chapter, we see Eun Chaerin transporting herself to her favorite novel, becoming the main female character, and receiving praise wherever she goes. As you know the development of the story, you follow it, knowing that it will lead to a happy ending. The story begins when she goes to school. Crossing the street, she walks deliberately, knowing that a truck is heading her way. However, even before the truck hits her, a hand grabs her shoulder and pulls her back. When his back hits the front of the person, he smiles, as he knows the identity of his savior, who is none other than the main protagonist of the novel Yu Jeha.

After confirming her good health, Yu Jeha told her to go to the school’s music room during lunchtime while blushing heavily. Eun Chaerin accepts, knowing that he will confess it to her according to the sequence of the novel. It shows that the extras in the novel have no faces. Go through the additional characters and head to the music room. Upon entering the room, she is suddenly hugged from behind, which makes her mentally dance with joy. However, remembering that this scene did not take place in the original story, he turns around. To everyone’s surprise, he sees an unfamiliar student with blue skin, black eyes, and bloody clothes: a zombie student.

Instantly, Eun Chaerin hits him with a fire extinguisher. At the same time, the school announces an emergency: due to an unknown virus, blue-skinned students attack other students – Zombie Apocalypse. The atmosphere of the school suddenly turns into a horror movie. She runs with only half understanding of the situation, but the darkness catches her. As the darkness consumes her, she suddenly rises out of bed. If this sounds like a dream, you are wrong. He sees a bite mark on the palm of his hand and the chapter ends by saying, “Everything starts over again today.” In the latest chapter 19, Eun Chaerin and her classmates try to find the culprit who killed other students. To find out what happens next, read the webtoon and join Eun Chaerin on this journey of survival and love.