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Spoilers, predictions, theories, release date and time of One Piece Chapter 1022

August 8, 2021

Spoilers, predictions, theories, release date and time of One Piece Chapter 1022

The new One Piece manga will launch this weekend, followed by the premiere of One Piece chapter 1022. As the attack on Onigashima continues, fans have been anticipating what will happen next. The spoilers for the following chapters have been revealed in full. There have been several advances on different fronts. The climax of the chapter was the defeat of Black Maira, which means that all of Kaïdo’s Tobiroppo have been eliminated.

It should continue like this, unless one of them unexpectedly recovers, which would reignite their conflict. In the current arc that has lasted a long time, that would be a roundabout route. One thing to remember is that Tobiroppos don’t fall apart because they are weak. It’s only because the Straw Hats are more powerful.

The raw scans for One Piece Chapter 1022 were released recently, and include a lengthy fight between Nico Robin and Black Maria. For now, it seems that Robin has emerged triumphant; however, a Tobi Roppo should never be underestimated. Meanwhile, Luffy’s position seems to improve after consuming all of Caribou’s rations.

Things are looking up for the alliance right now, and it looks like we will see the showdown between Luffy and Kaido once again. There have been various theories as to how the attack will end. Let’s break down the spoilers, predictions, and assumptions about One Piece Chapter 1022.

Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1022

We may need a few more spoilers than usual for One Piece Chapter 1022. Because there will be a one piece hiatus next week, the spoilers will be released much later than usual. Either way, we will have to wait at least a week for any leak regarding the next episode. For now, let’s look at some predictions for One Piece Chapter 1022.

One Piece Chapter 1022: Predictions

Straw fights with members of the Flying Six dominated the previous chapters. Nico Robin’s fight against Black Maria was the last, although neither of them seems to have come to an end. We could move on to the fight of the main actors in the next chapter.

If the current pattern continues, the next chapter will surely involve a battle between Sanji and Queen. The last time we saw them, Queen had transformed into her hybrid form, but Sanji was dominating him.

So far none of them have suffered serious damage, but the next chapter may change that. You should never underestimate any of the All-Stars, as they all have bonuses in excess of $ 1 billion. Meanwhile, Sanji is only trading at 330 million, but he’s doing very well. Hopefully we’ll see this fight taken to the next level in a future update.

When it comes to the All-Stars, Jack is also averse to Dog Storm, which isn’t surprising given his past. Of course, it was Jack who destroyed Zou, and Dog Storm wasn’t going to let it go easily.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t look like Dog Storm will win this fight. He’s already been hit by Kaido, and the pods are falling all over the place. However, if you get help from someone, things can change.

Therefore, Luffy asks Momo to use her dragon form to bring him back to Onigashima. Luffy, as we all know, has a strong will. No matter how many times you knock it down, it always gets up. In the next episode, he could relieve Yamato from his struggle and take his place.

Theories in One Piece Chapter 1022

We have a rather intriguing topic of discussion for One Piece Chapter 1023 assumptions. Momo begged Shinobu to turn him into an adult in the last panel of the previous chapter. If you’re familiar with the One Piece community, you’ll know that the idea of ​​Momo becoming an adult has been around for some time. This truth has now been verified by the latest revelation.

It will be interesting to see how long Momo can stay in this state. He aspires to become the Shogun of Wano, which he might not be able to do as a child. This could be an early indicator that Momo will remain in her adult form and rule Wano indefinitely.

So with most things going in that direction, we can expect more action and some fierce matchups as only the best are left standing. If we exclude donors and non-stars from the raid, the Tobiroppo appears to be the underdog in this encounter. This indicates that what happens next will be worth waiting for, but since the mang schedule does not include any unexpected disruptions in the near future, we have now reached the end of this raid.

What is the release date and time of One Piece chapter 1022?

Release date

Fortunately, the One Piece manga will not be taking a vacation this week, and Chapter 1022 will be released on August 15, 2021.

The aforementioned release date has already been verified by the manga’s editing department. It is also rare that the start of a new chapter is postponed until the last minute. Either way, if there is an unforeseen delay in the premiere of the next episode, we’ll be sure to update this article.

Departure time

Chapter 1022 of the manga will be available to read at midnight JST (Japan Standard Time) on August 15, 2021, just like the previous chapters. However, depending on your time zone, the premiere date may differ.

Also, the official media provide the English translations of the new chapters a little later. Anyway, here is the actual release date of the English translation of Chapter 1022 in different regions:

9:00 am Pacific Time
11:00 am central time
12:00 pm ET
5:00 pm in the UK
6:00 pm in Europe

Where can you read the one piece manga online?

On Viz Media, you can read the newest and oldest chapters of One Piece. Also, Manga Plus provides you with the three most recent chapters, which you can read for free. You can also read the first three and the last three chapters for free on Viz Media. The rest of the chapters, on the other hand, require a subscription to Shonen Jump.