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Spoilers and recap: Tyrant 21’s only perfumer

July 24, 2021

Spoilers and recap: The Tyrant's Only Perfumer Chapter 21

A young woman with an incurable disease has fallen asleep and wakes up, discovering that she is Ariel Winston, an antagonist from the novel. A lady likes to read before she dies. He realizes that he runs the risk of dying if he follows the same path and decides to break up with Duke Cedric Evans. Duke is the protagonist of the novel; When he was young, Duke had been hit with a curse that made him lust for blood. The only perfumer of the tyrant is the story of a couple, a maid and their servants. Duke was forced to date Ariel because he has a scent that quenches his thirst for blood. Ariel keeps her distance, wondering what’s wrong with Duke.

Ariel calls Lina and Sir Eren to the castle and tells them that she is going to her new room. Lina thanks Ariel and congratulates her on her hard work. Ariel also thanks her employees for making her life easier since she arrived at the castle. The trio is excited that they have made perfumes as well and are going to spread rumors. After a few weeks, Ariel takes her break drinking tea. She realizes that she has been working hard during the week, thinking that she could take over the salon work on her own.

Ariel is bored and thinks she wants to work because staying here seems like a big waste of time. She wonders when Cedrick will call her. They haven’t seen each other in a long time. Eren and Lina rush to Ariels room with good news. Lina keeps a journal and walks ahead of Eren. Ariel wonders what noise is coming into her room and hears Lina screaming her name. Lina enters the bedroom and Eren follows her as well.

Highlights of Chapter 20 of The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer

Lina reveals that she has a letter from the Duke and Ariel realizes that it is a message from Cedrick. Ariel wonders what the message says and Lina reads it to her. Lina reveals that Cedrick tells them that the show is over. Ariel takes the note and wants to read and confirm what Lina says. The trio are excited that their lives are on the right track and the business is about to take off. Ariel tells Lina to help her and they go to the store.

Eren accompanies Lina and Ariel to the location of the new store. Later, the trio arrives at the site. Lina realizes that the store is beautiful and they name it Ariel’s Scent Salon. They both enter the store and Ariel hears a voice that greets her. Ariel looks back and discovers that it is Cedrick and the two like to meet and walk together.

Ariel’s perfume room

Ariel tells Cedrick that she was surprised to receive a message as he told her that it would take a few months to complete all the preparations. Cedrick realizes that he is ordering his men to quickly finish construction because he wants to impress his lady. The day he told the workers to work hard, they complained that he gave them too many tasks. Workers told Cedrick they couldn’t finish construction in one month for three months.

Cedrick told the superintendent of workers to do it in a month no matter what. After a month, the workers finished their work and reported to Cedrick. Today, Cedrick realizes that it was difficult to get the workers to finish the job. He tells Ariel that they are using a Mana device to get the job done. Cedrick opens the door for Ariel, who can’t believe it’s his store. The living room looks like a five-star hotel and is on two floors.

Cedrick reveals that the upper floor was designed for residents. Lina and Eren enjoy walking around the building, and Lina is happy that there is a perfume room for Ariel. Ariel realizes that her dream has come true and Cedrick reminds her to look towards the back of the building. At the rear of the building there is a garden and a place to rest. Ariel is impressed with Cedrick’s work and he tells her that it is a gift for the opening of the store. Clients gather, one of them is hooded and says he won’t let it end this way because he meets Ariel Watson.

Release date of chapter 21 of The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer

The release date for Chapter 21 of The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer is July 26, 2021. Note that the manga releases new chapters every two to three days a week.