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Spoilers and facts for Tomb Raider King chapter 244

August 5, 2021

Tomb Raider King chapter 244 spoilers and facts

Operation number two has started since Jae-Ha Yoo disguised herself as Soe to attract enemies. Suddenly, enemies appear behind him. Soe, Lee, Illya, and Julian Miller watch the enemy and Jae. To his surprise, Jae was stabbed and the enemy disappeared after leaving traces of Aura in the direction he fled. Let’s see how the team will locate the enemy in the final chapter of Tomb Raider King. Seo realizes that they almost got some solid clues and asks Raven if they can tell what the enemy of the Relic is.

Raven reveals that he is Serial Killer: The Relic of Jack the Ripper. It is revealed that Jack the Ripper worked in 1888 on Londo as a serial killer. Jack the Ripper murdered five people in his prime, all five of them mutilated. The police worked hard to capture the Ripper, but he still eluded them. Jack the Ripper fled the city and kept a low profile for a few years. The mystery of his crimes remains unsolved and his misdeeds have been the talk of the town for many years. The story of Jack the Ripper has given birth to a relic. The guy has killed many members of the royal family using his new relic.

Soe didn’t have time to deal with Jack the Ripper as Jack was killing the TKBM enemies. But people think that Jack is on the side of TKBM, and it is confirmed. Seo realizes that Jack the Ripper is chasing him as he is TKBM’s enemy. It makes sense for Jack the Ripper to side with Seo’s enemies. Julian Miller comments that the user of the relic from before was Nina. Soe is shocked that Nina is Julian Miller’s little sister and she knows that Nina is dead.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 243 Highlights

Julian Miller knows that Nina is dead, but is now convinced that Nina is behind the shenanigans. Soe asks Julian Miller if he saw Nina’s corpse as you see, that’s not always true these days. The two men realize that Nina used the Jack the Ripper relic to trap them and that there is nothing they can do. Soe is still not convinced that it is Nina and asks Julian Miller if he is sure it is his sister. Kon Ming replies that he uses Zhuge Lang’s relic and that it was Nina.

They realize that the Reli is reliable as Zhuge Liang’s Reli was activated the moment Jack the Ripper passed them. It is true and shocking that the person who wants to murder Seo is Julian Miller’s younger sister, Nina, who everyone knows is dead. The two men are surprised to see that it is the Nina they know who was walking in a raincoat. Seo realizes that the tables have turned and that it will not be easy to stop Nina since they cannot kill her. He comments that she is the one to blame for using the Jack the Ripper relic.

Jack the Ripper Relic

Julian agrees that they can’t kill Nina, and Seo tells him to relax and study Jack the Ripper’s partners. The relic is fast and the hits are powerful, but the easiest way is to kill whoever captures it. Soe comments that she will find a solution since Nina is Jullian’s sister. They will continue to use Jae as bait by disguising themselves as Seo to get to Nina.

The two men think they should set a trap and capture Nina. Jae rolls over in a pool of blood and reminds the two men to continue their plans at home. While he is injured and needs to be resurrected, Jae reminds the two men that he is dying on the street and that it will take time for them to help him. They both teleport home, and Lee can’t believe the culprit is Nina.

He realizes that the Jack the Ripper relic has been in Nina’s possession for a long time. Seo tells the team that they must capture Nina without hurting her. Jae realizes that he has to die several more times and be revived before they get their hands on Nina. Jae asks them about the trap they are setting, since they have it as bait. Seo thinks they can test Goh’s Relic and catch Nina. But they decide to use Sun Tzu’s relic which gives Jae powers to attract the enemy. The team starts up and leads Nina to her position.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 244 Release Date

The release date of Chapter 244 of Tomb Raider King is August 6, 2021. This manga releases two or three chapters per week, do not miss the following chapters. Tomb Raider King has not confirmed the official platforms to read the final chapter. But keep in mind that new chapters will be published every week.