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Spoilers about ‘Dragon Ball Super’ chapter 74, release date: Vegeta’s turn to fight the cereal

June 24, 2021

Granolah has sworn to kill all Saiyans to the last and is ready to face Vegeta in Chapter 74 of “Dragon Ball Super”. Vegeta is excited to fight this powerful cereal.

The last page of chapter 73 of “Dragon Ball Super” announces a fight between Granolah and Vegeta while Goku recovers from the fight against Cereal.

After a massive attack on Goku, Granolah is ready to finish him off, but Vegeta announces that he is his new opponent.

In the previous chapter, Goku and Granolah continue their fight. Granolah throws powerful rays at Goku who manages to dodge them all.

Later, they move their fight to a forest. After an intense fight, which involves the destruction of several trees, Granolah discovers that his opponent’s blood flow and cell movements have changed.

He wonders if Goku has activated his escape technique. Granolah tells Goku that he knows everything about this technique and that he should find something better.

Goku warns him that the Ultra Blue Instinct Plus is a real deal and that it won’t be easy for him to counter it. He powers up and prepares to attack, but Granolah instantly sends a lightning bolt at him. The Saiyan narrowly avoids him while the Cereal continues his attacks.

Goku walks up to Granolah and finds an opening. Its core remains open and Goku attacks it with a Kamehameha.

After the attack, both Granolah and Goku appear injured. Granolah tells Goku that his attacks and evasion techniques are useless against his right eye, which can block the opponent’s vital points at any time.

Granolah warns Goku that he has no chance and must surrender. Goku admits that Ultra Instinct has no weaknesses and that must be due to his lack of training.

He adds that he is still not used to Ultra Instinct as a Super Saiyan, which makes him vulnerable. As the chapter progresses, Vegeta and Goku learn why Granolah is determined to kill the Saiyans. They also find out how Macki and Oil lured them into this trap.

The premiere of chapter 74 of dragon ball super

Chapter 74 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to premiere on July 20. The chapter will be available on Manga Plus and Viz.