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Solo Leveling Season 2 Episode 157

July 4, 2021

Only Leveling Season 2 Returns After Two Weeks; The manga will continue to release new chapters as usual. Let’s find out more about the Hunters and Sung Jinwoo’s plans when the Gate is about to open. The chapter begins with the appearance of the “Gate” in Korea above the heavens. Meanwhile, at the Korea Hunters Association, a strange B-rank hunter wonders about the Monster Gate that will open at any moment. The guy realizes that he can’t let his guard down as a B-rank hunter.

On his way, the B-rank hunter sensed the presence of a dangerous hunter and asked who was near him. The other hunters wonder if there is a fight and notice that the hunter is too big for Ma Dong-Uk. They realize that “Ma Dong-Uk is a reference to the Korean actor Ma Dong-Soek, known for being a big guy.” The Hunters talk about the Hunters who stayed in Seoul and wonder if this guy is crazy for challenging a dangerous Hunter taller than him. One of the hunters wonders if they shouldn’t call an ambulance for this guy as he invites himself to her death.

The B-rank hunter tells Ma Dong-Uk to apologize for stepping on someone. The hunter reminds Ma Dong-Uk of his condition and asks her not to despise him. The guy says that he is not the same one who licks his boss’s shoes and his subordinates despise him. The guy tells Ma Dong-Uk to apologize if he’s wrong. Ma Dong-Uk opens his mouth and cuts off the hunter’s head with his teeth. The hunters have seen it all and wonder why Ma Dong-Uk killed this brat. The other Hunters yell that he ate this person.

Season 2 – Chapter 156 – Highlights

Ma Dong-Uk has started killing the hunters around the building and he wonders if this guy is crazy. He started destroying everything, as well as the cars outside the building and the parking lot. The building is destroyed as it pulverizes the weak hunters around it, displaying its overwhelming powers. Ma Dong-Uk yells at the humans, calling them mere humans, and that it is she who should hunt them rather than monsters. The beast comments that it will use its teeth and nails to cut through the skin and soft flesh of humans.

Ma Dong-Uk reveals that he is the Beast King, also known as the Beast Monarch, and that if they dare, they can try to stop him. He begins to burn everything around him using the powers of the flame. Meanwhile, another hunter who refused to fight Sung Jinwoo during the monarchs’ meeting wonders something. Sung Jinwoo and Hae-in are near the river, and she is shy while drinking water when he approaches her. He tells Hae that he knows a restaurant that serves a good breakfast and that they can go there.

Sung Jinwoo also told him that they would enjoy a good meal and take a good bath. He turns around after he finishes drinking the water and says yes. The “driver” Beru shows up again to take them to the hotel that Sung jinwoo told Hae and tells them that they can go now. Hae wonders why Sung Jinwoo has to summon Beru since he says the hotel is nearby. Sung Jinwoo replies that he can reach the place in five minutes if he hurries forward. Hae-in is impressed and wonders how many kilometers Sung Jinwoo can run in five minutes.

Thomas Andre: The Goliath

Meanwhile, the leader discovers that someone has infiltrated the Hunters Association, causing chaos. Chief Woo Jin-Chul recently became president after President Gun Go-Hee was killed during the battle with the Frost Monarch. Woo Jin-chul asks the Hunters if there are corpses, and the Hunter replies that they haven’t confirmed everything yet. Woo Jin-chul realizes that there are only a few hours left until the start of Dungeon Break. The president is worried about the Gate and the monsters that will appear.

The president asks the hunter Sung Jinwoo, and the boy replies that they cannot connect with Sung Jinwoo. Woo Jin-chul decides that if the situation worsens, he will take the initiative and fight. Fortunately, one of the Hunters arrives and reveals that a Hunter has appeared who may have a chance against the Monster. Woo Ji-Chul asks if Sung Jinwoo has appeared, and the guy says that the hunter who appeared said he was close. The fight between the mysterious hunter and the monster came and he told the monster that he was destined to take him down.

Thomas arrives and says that the beast is his food and pushes his assistant away. The fight between Thomas and the Beast begins when Sung Jinwoo and Hae have had a nice dinner at a five-star hotel. Sung Jinwoo notices that there is a rampant monster around Seol and wonders who is fighting this monster during the date. Woo Jin-chul reports everything to Sung Jinwoo. Citizens said that Thomas, also known as Goliath, has arrived. Thomas tells the Lesser Hunters to rescue the citizens as he begins to trade blows with the Monster.

solo leveling Season 2, Chapter 157 release date

The release date for Solo Leveling Chapter 157 is July 8, 2021. Read Solo Leveling in Kakao Page Magazine.