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Solo Leveling: Premiere of the animated adaptation, the most anticipated?

June 13, 2021

The Manhwa’s success is so obvious that all fans have already requested the Solo Leveling Anime adaptation.

Solo Leveling Anime could be a new action fantasy internet novel written by Korean Chugong and printed by D&C Media. It is among the best Korean web novels that have been printed so far.

As we all know, Crunchyroll is working on original shows together with the Korean platform Webcomic Webtoon to deliver a series of top-notch animated webcomics. The anime adaptation is something that the entire community wants to see come true.

An anime on individual levels?

The anime is slated for an anime adaptation that could be released next year, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The petition for the Solo Leveling anime was started some time ago and currently has 144,000 signatures out of 150,000. A trailer for the first season of Solo Leveling has also appeared.

With a fully finished internet novel and a manhwa of over a hundred chapters, that’s enough supply material, fans around the world are urgently waiting for Solo Leveling to appear on the screens.

With all the jubilation and delight that come with the episodes of the second season, D&C Media has revealed the release date of the volume of season 2.

The chapters have already attracted readers, who are now much more excited than ever to read the third volume of the manhwa.

The Solo Leveling storyline

The story of Solo Leveling is that of a world where Earth is connected to a world of beasts by a portal.

Fantastic beasts invade the planet and kill humans. To fight powerful monsters, human hunters equip themselves.

The main character leveling solo Jin-woo counts as a rookie once it comes to watching. He is demoted and defeated several times until one day he begins his final quest to become the best hunter on the planet.

How will the solo levels adapt?

MAPPA X Funimation is producing the anime. In particular, they produced Kids on the Slope, Zombie Land Saga, and Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2.

The studio that will house Solo Leveling will have 110 Manhwa chapters to work on. With the craze for Solo Leveling anime and recent animes like Tower of God being adapted in manhwa, the production company is sure to give it their all.

It could be that the series takes a long 12-episode track with 12 episodes after that. Therefore, it could be divided into two courses.

And more simply, the leveling stations can spread the air based on the response of the fans. There will be great extinction scenes, spectacular dungeons, and cute ladies to encourage study. Hope we can watch the anime quickly.

Problems encountered with leveling Solo?

While the associated anime would undoubtedly be a worldwide hit, there is also a slight caveat to the Solo Leveling series adaptation; more precisely, in regards to Japanese production studios.

Japanese people and society do not seem to be essentially favorably demarcated in some arcs of Solo Leveling.

He suggests that this could mean that Japanese animation studios are unwilling to adapt the series unless they are willing to tweak specific aspects of the story.


Solo Leveling is a must-have series for a number of reasons. Particularly because it is one of the most successful and diverse manga in the world.

The manga is full of powerful scenes. The main character of Solo Leveling is also tremendously exciting to watch. The film set a horizontal bar for fantasy-based action and suspense stories.

The plot of the manga is developed with maturity and, therefore, the staging of the characters is clearly astonishing.

solo leveling Anime Release Date

Many fans believe that due to the portrayal of Japan in an overwhelmingly negative light in the manga and online novel, the chances of turning it into an anime have been greatly reduced.

Despite this, with a huge fan base spreading across the globe, they took matters into their own hands. They started a petition asking Netflix to train the manhwa in anime.

We’re sure there will be some individual leveling moves soon, so the work has just begun and we’ll find out once the creation finally begins.

Solo Leveling Anime’s release date will likely be within the next year or so. Many authors maintain this fact now.

The product can start in late 2021 or early 2022. So look, it looks like the release date will be in the fall, late 2022.

However, unfortunately, no official news about this has been released. Thanks for reading Solo Leveling: Anime Adaptation Announced, The Most Anticipated News!