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Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Spoilers, Summary, Release Date and Time

November 27, 2021

Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Spoilers, Summary, Release Date and Time

Based on the novel of the same name, Solo Leveling is South Korea’s most popular webtoon series to date. The series has also gained popularity around the world and is currently in its final episode. Solo Leveling chronicles the rise of Sung Jin-Woo, who went from unknown status to savior of Earth.

Jin Woo is a weak hunter, however, in one of the missions he gains the power of the system. This power allows him to rise through the ranks and helps him become the strongest hunter in the world. Currently, he is facing the Dragon King, the most formidable opponent he has ever encountered.

Solo Leveling Chapter 175 Summary

In the summary of chapter 175 of Solo Leveling, the Dragon King transforms into a dragon to attack Jin Woo. The two trade coups, but the situation remains stagnant. Jin takes the first step forward.

Kaisel’s inclusion

After a few round trips, neither side has an advantage over the other. Jin decides to draw his trump card and summons Kaisel to launch an attack on the Dragon King. It starts flying and tries to enter the king directly to damage it from the inside.

Kaisen takes aim and attacks the Dragon King. However, despite the furious attack, he remains unharmed. Knowing that he couldn’t harm, Jin decides to get Kaisel back. The Dragon King once again uses Fear of the Dragon, causing Kaisel to explode in fear.

Dragon’s breath

Jin tries to get as far away from the Dragon King as possible. Meanwhile, the Dragon King prepares for a fierce breath attack that completely burns the space around Jin. It survives a bit but the state of its environment does not seem good.

Summons again the dragons commanded by Bellion who try to break the armor of the Dragon King using the breath of the dragon. However, like the previous time, they fail to cause significant damage. Jin realizes that he will have to use unconventional means of combat to wound the formidable enemy in front of him.

The power of darkness

Jin decides to enter the Dark Armor and transform into Ashborn’s true form. The Dragon King is surprised to see this development because he had not imagined that this kind of scenario could happen. Meanwhile, he thought that Jin was a normal human, but he was not.

Jin lived in death for a long time, which allowed him to summon this form. Now he is a very serious threat to the Dragon King and he is aware of it. That is why the Dragon King must eliminate Jin at all costs to avoid his death.

Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Spoilers

Spoiler scans for Raw Solo Leveling Chapter 176 have yet to appear on the internet. However, since there is no break next week, you can expect spoilers to drop soon. We will see more development in the ongoing struggle.

Jin vs. the Dragon King

For now, the two creatures are tied up. The Dragon King underestimated Jin but his latest form scared him. Now he understands his situation and how crucial it is to eliminate Jin right now.

Jin, on the other hand, is now more powerful than ever. He is capable of bringing the power of death directly to Earth, which is a terrifying thought to all of his enemies. With this new power, he can not only hurt the Dragon King, but also defeat him. Will you be successful in this feat? We’ll find out in the next chapter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Read Online

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Solo Leveling Chapter 176 Release Date and Time

This is the release date and time for Solo Leveling chapter 176.

South Korea – 4:00 am, December 2
USA / Canada – 2:00 pm, December 2
India – 12:30 am, December 2
UK – 8:00 pm, December 2
Europe (CEST) – 9:00 pm, December 2