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Solo Leveling Chapter 159 Release Date, Preview, Online Manga Reading

July 16, 2021

solo leveling chapter 159 will be released soon, Thomas The Goliath is still fighting the Magic Beast; after transforming the Magic Beast, she is defeated. Let’s find out who will win in season 2 by leveling solo against the Magic Beast. But Lennart Nierman, rank 12 on the American Hunter Association’s hunter scoring system, steps in to save his master.

Lennart protects Thomas by cutting off Thomas’ body from the Magic Beast. Lennart tells the beast that he won’t let her do what she wants. Thomas told Lennart to run away, but Lennart refuses saying that he is a hunter and that it is his choice to die on the battlefield.

Lennart says that he is tired of letting the Beast rule them and that he does not regret his death. He says that, more than a trivial life, he had a proud death. The Beast confronts Lennart, who was shocked and asked if this creature was compatible. Lennart says twice that he made the right decision, but when the Beast confronted him, he made the wrong decision. He thought he was dead, but a savior arrived and began watering the Beast with prey.

Lennart is relieved that since Hut Sung Jinwoo reached S rank, he won’t have to fight. The beast knows that it has been waiting for this man. Sung Jinwoo begins with heavy blows that scare the Beast. Ever since Sung Jinwoo arrived, Lennart has been acting like he’s going to fight the Beast. Lennart receives orders from Sung Jinwoo to take Thomas to safety. It was true that ever since he had faced S-rank hunter Sung jinwoo that the Beast smelled the shadow of a human.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 158 Summary

The Beast is furious because people are picking on it. Song Jinwoo will take care of this guy, Lennart and the other hunters are happy. The hunters told him not to worry when they were with Thomas and they left the scene. The beast is here to kill and Sung Jinwoo is not alone. The Beast wonders how Sung Jinwoo uses a human body to wield the power of the Higher Self. He wonders if the admin has found a way since Shadow Mornacxh has made a deal with him for a long time.

The two look at each other and the bird wonders if it can eat people. Suddenly another beast arrives and says that he is curious about the taste of another monarch; the king of the snow people comes to see the monarch of ice. They were the ones who gathered before he got new powers to kill Sung Jinwoo. The president, Go Gee-death Hun’s, is the Frost Monarch.

Solo Leveling Chapter 159 Release Date

The release date for Solo Leveling Chapter 159 is set for Thursday, July 21, 2021. The exact release date and time may vary based on time zones around the world. This is a fair guess of Solo Leveling’s current release schedule.

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 159 manga online?

Manhwa’s current reading platform for Solo Leveling is Kakao Page magazine. Since Solo doesn’t have an official online reading platform for every other fan in the world, Reddit’s online discussion threads are the best solution. In these threads, Solo Leveling 159 is also available in French.