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Solo Leveling Chapter 156 DELAYED: RELEASE DATE Update and SPOILERS

June 25, 2021

solo leveling Chapter 156 is just around the corner. Fans were expecting the next chapter to be released on June 17, but the series has been delayed. Solo Leveling has undoubtedly come a long way since 2016, when Korean artist Chu-gong’s fantastic manhwa was born. Today, it is one of the most popular Korean fantasy works in progress among those currently in progress.

The manhwa follows Sung Jin-woo, the lowest monster hunter in his world, who almost dies at some point, but wakes up as a warrior with access to stats, inventories, and levels that will allow him to become infinitely stronger.

If you’re excited to experience the all-new solo leveling chapter, read on. In the sections below, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Solo Leveling Chapter 156, from the new chapter’s premiere date and time to the spoilers, so you can catch up first.

Release date for Solo Leveling chapter 156

Solo Leveling chapters come out weekly. Discussions about a possible hiatus have been going on for some time, culminating in the current two-week hiatus. Therefore, the premiere date for Solo Leveling Chapter 156, titled “Last Moments,” will be Thursday, July 1 at midnight KST. In different time zones, especially in the United States, Canada and Europe, this corresponds to Wednesday June 30, or in about a week.

Release date for Solo Leveling chapter 156

Solo Leveling episode 156 was scheduled to premiere on Thursday, June 17 at midnight Korean Standard Time. Due to delays related to the creator’s health, the premiere was postponed for two weeks and the premiere date was set for July 1. Below you will find the translation of this date in the different time zones. Please note that the process may take a little longer due to translation issues.

Pacific Time: 8:00 am (June 30)

Central time: 10:00 am (June 30)

Eastern Time: 11:00 am (June 30)

UK time: 4:00 pm (June 30)

Solo-Leveling Chapter 156 Spoilers

Despite all the chaos that followed the appearance of a mysterious portal in the skies of Seoul, Chapter 155 was heartwarming and satisfied fans’ romantic wishes. Cha Hae-In and Jin-Woo were finally able to spend some time together. The two have gone through what they think will be their last moments together because they don’t know what will happen. We hope that the next chapters will be much more serious and violent, with little or no romance; It’s up to the fans to decide if it’s for the best or not!

Meanwhile, despite this romantic break for readers, people are still very concerned about the portal. Jin Ah, qui était très bouleversée lorsqu’elle l’a remarquée pour la première fois, deux episodes plus tôt, is demanded if she et sa mère devraient évacuer, mais sa mère I think that if they doivent die, elles feraient mieux de dieir à home. Eventually, they end up believing that Sung Jin-Woo will protect them; Already in chapter 155, he is seen observing the incident from above. We believe that Chapter 156 will be dedicated to your attempts to protect your family.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Where to Read Legally Online

Only Leveling can be legally read online at TappyToon or Tapas Media! If you are interested in a hard copy, volume 1 of the manhwa is available in English from Yen Press and the rest will follow fairly quickly.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release Date Delayed

Right now, fans are probably concerned about the delay in the final chapters of Solo Leveling. It seems that due to health issues faced by the creator, the premiere date had to be delayed twice. While this is a bit of a disappointment for fans, it’s important for artists to be able to take breaks and take care of themselves when they need to. Hopefully, the new release date of July 1 will stick.