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Solo Leveling Chapter 154 Release date, spoilers, and online manga reading

May 31, 2021

Solo Leveling Chapter 154 Release Date, Spoilers, and Online Manga Reading

Today we share the release date of the next chapter 154 of solo leveling and its English version.

We wanted to inform our fellow readers about the upcoming release dates, as the Solo Leveling fandom has never been stronger. Honestly, even a single chapter in the series is a must-see.

Jang Sungrak’s Webtoon for Solo Leveling is adapted from the novel on the ChuGong website. This is definitely one of the most popular webtoons published on kakaopage. On his journey to the top, we follow the standing hunter Sung Jin-Woo.

This summer Netflix will stream the solo leveling anime, if you didn’t already know! What is cool? Let’s go back to when Jin Woo was just an E rank hunter who could barely do anything.

When you think about it, it seems like a long time ago. Wouldn’t it be great to relive it all? The Solo Leveling webtoon began its journey towards the end. Recently, we entered the penultimate ark of the War of the Kings. In a few years we will see the end of this wonderful journey, which can only be disastrous.

Solo Leveling Chapter 153 Summary

Jin Ah’s mother starts having fun with her daughter and calls her beautiful to get her clothes out of a washing machine and get a bribe from Jin Ah. Jin Ah worries that her mother will always tell her that she is busy while trying to have fun. She goes to get her clothes and sees something. Jih Ah screams when her mother calls to see what she sees. The Hunters are surprised to learn that Thomas Andre is now the Ahjin Guild’s office. The hunters are surprised.

Kamish and the dagger of the demon king

Sung jinwoo says that he saw a group of reporters and realizes that Thomas is here. However, she also noticed that Thomas smelled Thomas’s scent later. Yo Jin-Ho asks why Sung didn’t get his calls to Sung Jinwoo. Sung Jinwoo shows that he was busy and that there were many outbreak doors. Beru and Igris are about to get up, says Sung Jinwoo as well. Thomas opposes Sung Jinwoo. Yo Jin-Hoo doesn’t want these two to think about wrestling here. Sung asks Thomas why he is here.

Thomas reminds Sung Jinwoo of his promise to eat together. Yo Jin-Ho is amazed that this is just a meal. Thomas reveals that he brought a special gift to Sung Jinwoo. He told Sung Jinwoo to move to a particular place, because the object is too dangerous. Thomas realizes that Lennart is following him and tells him to stay, because it is a top secret with two people included. Lennart can’t believe Thomas went to Korea with him, but he’s there to watch the drama unfold.

At a 5-star hotel, Sung Jinwoo and Thomas had dinner together. Thomas’s bodyguard gave the item to Sung Jinwoo, who felt the overwhelming power of this thing. It’s surprising that Thomas gave Kamish, Sung Jinwoo. Kamish is a dagger made from the sharpest canine of a dragon. The Demon King’s Dagger also greets Sung Jinwoo.

Solo Leveling Chapter 154 release date

The release date for Solo Leveling Chapter 154 is set for Thursday, June 3, 2021. The exact release date and time may vary in different time zones around the world. This is a reasonable assumption based on the current solo leveling release schedule. If there is a change to Solo Leveling Chapter 154, we will make sure this article is updated.

Where to read Solo Leveling Chapter 154 manga online?

The current platform for reading the Solo Leveling manga is Kakao Page magazine. Since Solo doesn’t have an official online reading platform for every other fan in the world, Reddit’s online discussion threads are the best solution. In these threads, Solo Leveling 154 is also available in French.