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Solo Leveling Chapter 153 Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, And Where To Read Online

May 24, 2021

In the latest chapter of Solo Leveling, we witnessed an intense fight between Sung Jinwoo and Frost Monarch. Sung Jinwoo, enraged by Go-Gun-Hee’s attack, asks the Ice Monarch if he is an ice elf. However, instead of finding more answers, Frost Monarch puzzles Sung Jinwoo with his words. The Monarch of Ice begins to call Sung Jinwoo an Ice Elf. Also, he tells Sung Jinwoo that he is an ice elf that they were unable to extract. He tells her that they have been looking for him all this time.

After that, the monarch tries to catch Sung Jinwoo by exhaling ice and in doing so ends up freezing the entire building. Sung Jinwoo barely manages to escape the trap by releasing two swords. However, the monarch bows to the fight and tells him that he cannot fight Sung Jinwoo. He makes her understand that all he wants is for Sung Jinwoo to accompany him. You do not intend to fight him or harm him in any way. Furthermore, the monarch tells him that his life is at stake here and that he wishes to take Sung jinwoo away by any means necessary.

Release date for solo leveling chapter 153

As we all know, the previous chapter of Solo Leveling was marked by a lot of drama. We all expected to see a great fight ahead, but instead we found something that neither of us really expected. Therefore, we hope that chapter 153 will shed light on the events that took place in the last chapter.

Fans will be happy to know that the new chapter is not far off. Solo Leveling Chapter 153 is scheduled to hit shelves on May 26, 2021. Perhaps in Chapter 153 we will get an idea of ​​what exactly Freeze Monarch was talking about. Is Sung Jinwoo really the lost ice elf? Or is it part of a trap? Be sure to read the last chapter to find out.

Fans are also advised to verify the release date with their providers as it may vary from site to site.

Where to read chapter 153 online?

You can read the last chapters of your favorite manga and, in this case, Manhwas on sites like Crunchyroll and Viz Media. However, for those fans who don’t know yet, these two sites are subscription-based.

So fans who don’t have a premium Crunchyroll subscription can read the latest chapter for free on sites like bato and Mangafox. However, in the long run, we recommend that our fans opt for a subscription, as it is a benefit for you and a way to contribute your favorite mangakas. Our little gesture can really help improve the world of the web. Also, the contribution you make goes to your favorite artists, so it’s a win-win situation.