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Solo Leveling Chapter 153 Release date and time, spoilers and where to read it

May 26, 2021

Solo Leveling Chapter 153 Release date and time, spoilers and where to read it

Only Leveling recently released Chapter 152 and it’s almost time for another Chapter! Written by Korean author Chugong and released since 2016, it is currently one of Korea’s most beloved Manhwas. Only Leveling takes place in “seasons” and we are currently in Season 2 after the premiere ended in 2020.

In solo leveling, we follow Sung Jin-woo, who goes from being a weak monster hunter to an awakened warrior, able to break through the fourth wall of his world, so to speak, by gaining access to stats, inventories, and levels, and with the ability to become infinitely stronger.

Solo Leveling’s plot and characterization have garnered attention, enough to warrant an anime adaptation in the near future. If you can’t wait for the next chapter, look no further. In this article, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Solo Leveling Chapter 153, from its release date to any spoilers.

Release date for Solo Leveling chapter 153

Solo Leveling chapters are published weekly. Chapter 153 is due this Thursday, May 27 at midnight Korean Standard Time. In the different time zones, this corresponds to Wednesday May 26, in less than 24 hours.

Solo-Leveling Chapter 153 Release Time

Since Solo Leveling Chapter 153 will be released on May 27 at midnight Korean Standard Time, here’s how that translates to different time zones. Please note that the process may take a little longer due to translation issues.

Pacific Time: 8:00 am

Central time: 10:00 am

Eastern Time: 11:00 am

UK time: 4:00 pm

Solo Leveling chapter 153 spoilers

In Solo Leveling chapter 152, jinwoo discovers that the world’s most powerful hunters are in mortal danger. From there, he decides to form an army in Japan. We finally got to see the Monarchs, which many fans had been waiting for for some time. Various questions have been asked, and readers wonder why the Monarchs have yet to attempt to recruit the Shadow Monarch to their cause.

While we don’t have any definitive spoilers, we believe the next chapter will be about a battle between Sung Jin-Woo and the Ice Monarch, as well as the former’s attempts to build an army. Will the strongest monarch be defeated and will the decisions of the monarchs make more sense? Stay tuned to find out!

You can read Solo Leveling legally online at Tappytoon, and if you’re interested in a print version, manhwa volume 1 is available in English at Yen Press.