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Solo Leveling Chapter 149, 150 Release Date

April 20, 2021

Jinwoo’s first fight finally begins in the land of America. Today we tell you the release date of the next chapters 148, 149 and 150 of Solo Leveling.

There was a time when Tower of God, The God of Highschool, Noblesse, etc. were the most popular webtoons. But without a doubt, Solo Leveling is the king of modern times.

There’s even talk of the upcoming solo leveling anime announcement.

It’s the most popular, most talked about, and most loved webtoon, and fans can’t wait for it to have a true anime adaptation. It’s a shame that there isn’t a suitable physical point of sale, because if it did, the sales figures would be very high.

Chugong’s original web novel is now finished and has been read an incredible number of times. However, it was Jang Sungrak’s webtoon that really got this series off the ground!

The exceptional artwork, punchy dialogue, dazzling colors, skillful paneling, and frenetic pace – it’s a fan delight.

The story follows Sung Jin-Woo, a hunter from South Korea. He accidentally discovers a strange power that allows him to level up in real life, just like in a game.

The higher the level, the more power and abilities you will get. Jin Woo is beginning a new phase in his life: a journey to know his power and explore the system! Bizarre experiences and incredible adventures await you.

Solo Leveling Release Dates:

Here we have racked up some release dates. These are the release dates of the next chapters of the series, which cover the month of April.

We ask that you take them with a grain of salt, as schedule changes and breaks often occur. Of course, we will update the article in these cases.

Solo Leveling benefits from very fast translations, unlike the Japanese manga series. There is only a few hours difference between the Korean version and the English version, which is quite surprising. The raws leave every Wednesday and are translated no later than Thursday.

solo leveling 149 Release Date:

Assuming the timeline is not interrupted, April 21, 2021 and possibly April 22, 2021 will see the premiere of the Korean and English versions of Solo Leveling 149. However, the exact date depends on the hemisphere in which reside.

It is a pity that this series does not have an official version in English. Fans must read illegally on various sites that host it. However, for those of you who know Korean, we have a suggestion. Visit kakaopage and read the series legally.

Solo Leveling 150 Release date:

On April 28, 2021, the last chapter of the month, Solo Leveling 150 will be released. Korean scans will be released on that day and the English version will be released no later than April 29, 2021. You can read it by searching google.

Solo Leveling, unlike many webtoons, does not have an official English version. Therefore, fans around the world have no choice but to hack into the series. Illegal reading is bad for all series. Therefore, we ask Korean readers to visit the official site, read legally, and support the creators.

Current events for solo leveling:

The arc of the International Guild Conference is upon us. It started recently, and given its spread across the web novel, we don’t expect it to last long. Actually, 10-12 chapters should cover it well enough, but one can never be sure of Sung Rak’s vision.

In this arc, Sung Jin Woo and Yoo Jin Ho travel to the United States of America to attend the International Guild Conference Arc. They go there as representatives of the Ahjin Guild, which is theirs.

It is in this arc that Jin Woo meets Camish and learns some pretty cool things about his powers.