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Shaman King Episode 18 delayed

July 24, 2021

Shaman King (2021) will be out for two weeks before returning to his weekly outings. Let’s take a look at the journey of fighting shamans pursuing the dream of becoming Shaman King. Asakura Yoh and her team meet Asakura Hao’s men, who challenged them to a duel to the death. The Vampire Hunter: Blaumro Dracula killed one of his men as they can keep a weakling in the team and go one-on-one with Ryu of the Wooden Sword. Ryu told Dracula that if he surrenders and chooses the path of destruction, he will never build anything worthwhile, so he never gives up.

Ryu said that no one could have friends or the best place or develop a technique that will tear enemies to pieces if they surrender. The title of the episode is “The Arms of the Angel.” Ryu remembers the time he spoke to old Asakura to train him. The old man wonders why Ryu wants an old man like him to teach him. Ryu replies that it was not him who turned Ryu from the wooden sword into a man. The old man hits Ryu with multiple attacks, and Ryu fails to block them.

Ryu falls into a pond and the old man tells him to go home. Ryu is arguing with an old man and asks if Ryu wants to be popular with the girls. The old man realizes that it is true that Ryu wants to charm the girls with his strength and says that there is no need to train him. Ryu is locked outside, but the old man avoids involving Ryu in the Asakura war because the Asakura family thinks it is a family affair. They fear that one of the Asakura will spill the blood of strangers if it involves them.

Previously on shaman king (2021) Episode 17

Ryu has decided not to give up, and the spirit ghost Tokageroh appears, saying that he owes Ryu a debt. Tokageroh comments that he doesn’t know where he belongs, and Ryu realizes that Tokageroh is looking for a “better place.” The two men become friends and share what is in their hearts. Tokageroh reveals that he wanted revenge on Amidamaru, but now he doesn’t care. He realizes that the carrier of amidamaru is a good boy.

Ryu tells Takageroh that he has reached a good state and that he is not making enemies. They are both happy that Asakura Yoh accepted them for who they are and helped them see the light. The old man watches TV with Mikihisa and tells him to take off his mask inside the house. Mikihisa reminds the old man that Ryu and Togaroh are still outside. In the morning, the old man takes them to train near the river. The trio had an intense workout day and night.

The old man told Ryu the story of the violent Orochi, and people think that the river is the violent Orochi that threatened their lives. But the people protected the land from building the beautiful Izumo. They challenged the mountain without giving up like Ryu. Susano’o challenged Yamato no Orochi without giving up. Ryu tells Dracula to prepare to meet his new wooden sword carved from the wood of God to return to battle. Ryu releases Soul no Murakumo who killed Yamato no Orochi. Cut to Dracula, who realizes that his Over Soul Bloo is not regenerating. Dracula wonders if he has used up his Furyoko.

Dracula crashes into the mountain after this powerful blow from Ryu. Ryu comments that Dracula is a fool and falls unconscious. Lyserg uses a net to catch Ryu and realizes that they have defeated Dracula. Asakura Yoh realizes that this is how Hao wants to play his game. The boys wonder where Yoh is going, and Yoh replies that he is going to ask Dracula for Hao. Lyserg says that Dracula is Hao’s puppet and that they cannot let the enemy live. Asakura Yoh replies that they can’t let Dracula die or that there are many common murders.

But another shaman appears and kills Dracula saying that he is Michael, the archangel. Michael wields the sword of retribution and condemns evil. Dracula is dead and the X laws appear, saying that they are here to kill them all. Marco says that his organization is participating in the Combat of the Shamans with a single purpose. They are here to defeat Hao, the hateful leader of evil. Marco lets Asakura and her team leave as there are no criminals. The shaman fight is about to begin and Hao awaits the opponents.

Shaman King (2021) Episode 18 Release Date

The release date for Shaman King Episode 18 (2021) is August 12, 2021.