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Shaman King Episode 14 Release Date

June 29, 2021

Based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei, “Shaman King” or “Shāman Kingu” is a shounen anime of supernatural adventures. It tells the story of a great tournament, the winner of which will be given the power to control the Great Spirit, the oldest and most powerful of all spirits. The protagonist, You Asakura, participates in the tournament hoping to become the king of the shamans and then lead a happy and carefree life. This is the second television adaptation of Takei’s work after the Studio Xebec series that aired for 64 episodes between July 4, 2001 and September 25, 2002. The 2021 adaptation is expected to cover all 35 volumes of the series. movie. New complete edition of the manga series. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming reboot episode.

Release date of episode 14 of shaman king

Episode 14 of “Shaman King,” titled “Lyserg The Avenger,” is scheduled to premiere on July 1, 2021 on TV Tokyo, TVO, TVA, TSC, TVh, TVQ, and BS TV Tokyo. Most of the cast of the 2001 series reprized their roles in the 2021 anime. Studio Bridge produced the series, with Jouji Furuta as director and Shouji Yonemura as main screenwriter. Yuki Hayashi created the music for the anime, while Satohiko Sano drew the characters. As with the 2001 series, Megumi Hayashibara sang the opening and ending songs for the 2021 reboot. These are “Soul Salvation” and “#Boku no Yubisaki” respectively.

Where to watch shaman king season 1 online?

The “Shaman King” reboot will be released internationally on August 9, 2021 on Netflix.

Shaman King Episode 14 Spoilers

In episode 13, just before the shamans are about to go to the next step, Anna asks you to spend the night with her. The group is told to go to a military airbase, where they see Ren among other trained shamans. As they wonder what will happen next, Hao appears and easily defeats Horohoro with his Fire Spirit and joins their great team. Later, the shaman warriors travel on an Over Soul plane to America. When the plane disappears mid-flight, the shamans are forced to create an Over Soul large enough to reach them. They land on Route 66 and hitchhike to the nearest town to find the information they need about the Patch Tribe.

It is then that they meet Lilirara from the Seminoa tribe, who prevented the shamans from reaching the tournament. She reveals to them that the Patch tribe has wiped out her people. By letting You, Ren, Horohoro, and Ryu infuse with the dead shamans of the Seminoa tribe, he shows them how a member of the Patch tribe killed the shamans. The heroes realize that the Patch tribe member is none other than Yao. However, they manage to convince her to let them go and attend the tournament. After they leave, Tao arrives and kills Lilirara, letting the Spirit of Fire eat her soul.

In episode 14, Lyserg Diethel could be introduced. In a skirmish between him, you, and his friends, he’s likely to defeat Ren and Horohoro before you knock him out. It will likely be revealed that Lyserg has his own reasons for hating Hao.