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Shaman King (2021) Episode 34: Release Date, Spoilers and Preview

November 27, 2021

Shaman King (2021) Episode 34: Release Date, Spoilers and Preview

Shaman King Episode 34 (2021) reveals Asakura Yoh against a high-ranking demon. Gu-man helps Asakura Yoh save Anna, who has been kidnapped by a high-ranking demon. Gu-man reminds Yoh that someone might be waiting for him in Osorezan. The two men realize that it will be cold in the mountains and they have to change their clothes. Matamune reminds Yoh that his Furyoku is almost exhausted. In the latest episode of Shaman King (2021), Yoh learns that he is not ready to fight a demon even though he is a shaman. This happened before Yoh formed his team in the past, when he met Anna.

Matamune reveals that another demon can defeat a demon. Yoh becomes angry and wonders what he must do to save Anna, since she is not a demon. Gu-man wonders why Yoh screams and talks to himself. Matamune is a ghost spirit that only a shaman can see and hear, which means that Gu-man cannot. Asakura Yoh decides to do everything possible and Matamune reveals an opportunity to him. Matamune explained how they were going to defeat this Demon. Later, the trio reach the mountain and confront the Red Demon.

The Red Demon wonders how these two got to the mountain. But he is not worried because he has consumed some souls that increase his strength. Asakura Yoh reminds the Red Demon of Anna’s existence and asks him to show it to him. Red Demon reveals that Anna may be alive, but does not know where she is. He adds that he abuses Anna when they reach the mountains to attract and collect demons. Asakura Yoh freaks out and Red Demon says that Anna’s Furyoku never gave up. But when her stomach was full, Anna got lost somewhere.

Previously on Shaman King (2021) Episode 33

Anna returns with two red things and talks about a place for her mom and dad. She is talking about bullies and Yoh wonders what is going on. Anna reveals that she hates bullies. Matamune believes that Anna’s heart has been touched. But she’s happy that Anna doesn’t pass out despite the Furyoku she spent. Anna begins to cry and reminds the two men that they do not know what she has been through and that they have never experienced the experience of abandonment. Matamuno realizes that Hao suffered just like Anna since they went the same way.

He realizes that he was unable to save Hao during the attack on the twin brothers’ birth. The Red Demon sits on the roof, listening to Anna’s painful story, and Matamune believes that he can defeat the Demon and save Anna. He is convinced that even if he dies saving Anna, Yoh will take care of her. The Red Demon smiles after Anna tells him to fight Yoh. Accept by calling Anna her mother. Red Demon uses a splash attack against Yoh, and Matamune reminds Yoh that the time is right. Asakura Yoh sheds tears after realizing that Matamune wants to sacrifice himself.

Asakura Yoh accepts and uses Soul Integration which surprises Anna and Red Demon. He says goodbye to Matamune, and Red Demon wonders how the two found his weakness. Matamune transforms into a powerful weapon that Yoh uses to defeat Red Demon. Before the Red Demon was defeated, he saw a gigantic sword that Yoh wielded to cut it down. Red Demon thought it was a joke, and Yoh revealed to him that it was the Demon Slayer. But Yon caused Red Demon to suffer a painful death using Ultra Senji Ryakketsu: Cresent Moon Purification.

Shaman King (2021) Episode 34 Release Date

Shaman King Episode 34 (2021) will be released on December 2, 2021. Ultra Senji Ryakketsu: Cresent Moon Purification devours Demon Red’s flesh and leaves behind its skeleton. This is the last technique that Yoh and Matamune created together, and it is the last day that Yoh saw Matamune. Asakura Yoh learned that demons were supersoul, but was unaware of the contract. Let’s take a look at the official details for Shaman King Episode 34 (2021).

Watch Shaman King (2021) Episode 34 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Shaman King episode 34 (2021) online on Bilibili and Netflix on Thursdays at 5:55 pm JST. The latest episodes are also available on YouTube and Netflix channels for the UK. Asakura Yoh has improved since he defeated the Red Demon and reunited with Anna. The two return home and decide to get stronger. Asakura Yoh heard Anna say thank you for the first time since she received nothing but slaps. See you at the launch of Shaman King Episode 34 (2021).