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SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 13 Release Date

June 27, 2021

SD Gundam World Heroes will take a hiatus after the premiere of the last episode. Let’s see what the heroes of Nero’s world will do after receiving the Haro from Buster. The heroes have reached the path that leads them to the world of knights. Liu Bei wonders which way Zhuge is talking about since there is snow. Wukong wonders what these pure white things are, to which Zhuge replies that it is snow. Wukong looks at the moon and realizes that it looks like a son. Remember the time he escaped from the moon.

Wukong also asks why the snow is cold and Zhuge explains everything to him. The title of the episode is “Wukong’s Mission.” Later, the boys come to the house next door and enjoy eating the food. Wukong realizes that they once had a fish in the Knight’s World that tasted delicious. The boys are in awe of Zhuge Liang, who happens to know a lot about good food. Zhuge reveals that one day he wants to publish a gastronomic book. Wukong asks what a gourmet is, and Liu Bei replies that he is what they call a “gourmet”. Zhuge tells Liu Bei not to say wrong things to Wukong.

Zhuge reveals that he is someone who has a deep love for delicious food. Talk about a person who lives 80 years and eats three meals a day; eats about 8,800 times. Liu Bei wonders if this is too much, and Zhuge replies that not everyone is lucky enough to eat three meals a day. Zhuge also says that it’s not about eating, but rather that enjoying food with friends and family brings happiness and strengthens bonds. So the food tastes better. Liu wonders if Zhuge isn’t trying to justify himself and make being an “enthusiast” a good thing.

Previously in SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 12

Zhuge asks the boys if they don’t like it, and Lui Bei starts digging. Wukong seems to be in another world, so Liu questions him. Wukong replies that he agrees with Zhuge and reveals that he was in prison on the moon. Liu Bei asks why Wukong was in prison. Wukong replies that he doesn’t remember much. The boys leave in the morning, but are faced with a gust of wind and snow. Liu Bei suggests attaching a rotating beacon to the rear of the motorcycle. Zhuge comments that it’s a great idea, and they both shed some light on it.

Wukong is on a cloud and begins to fall asleep, but he saw something on his way. His mind teleported and he remembered the time when he was on the moon. That day, Wukong finds his friend beaten on the ground. Sha Wujing and Zhu Bajie were still alive and died in front of Wukong. Another evil hero appears and accuses Wukong of the deaths of Sha Wujing and Zhu Baije. Wukong realizes that he can’t remember everything and takes the blame for killing these two. Back in the present, Wukong wonders if he killed his friends.

The best of the universe

Wukong begins to lose control of himself and lashes out. Liu Bei is surprised to see the cloud move forward. The boys speed up, trying to catch up with Wukong. Suddenly, the children see the massive explosion and realize that the cloud is hitting a mountain of snow. Liu Bei and Zhuge arrive on the scene and discover that Wukong is unconscious. Wukong wakes up to see the face of the evil hero who blames him for killing his friends. He starts running away saying it’s not him and that he didn’t kill those two.

Liu Bei wonders what Wukong is talking about, and when he is touched, his powers are awakened. Wukong loses control of himself and transforms into a giant dinosaur, and begins to blow fire. Zhuge intervenes and saves Haro and Liu Bei before the fire consumes them. Wukong begins to destroy everything around him, and Zhuge says that they have to bring him back to his senses, even if he has to be hit. Liu forms a pact with Haro and uses Chozetsu Ryuhazan: Mercy Version to crush Wukong.

The attacks pin Wukong to the ground and the dragon mode is disabled. Unfortunately, Wukong transforms into a warrior that the heroes have never seen before. Liu Bei notices that Zhu Baije’s body passes in front of Wukong’s. Zhuge Baije takes full control and begins to spray the Heroes with blows. Sha Wujing’s body also appears. The intense battle begins, but Wukong tries to free himself from the powers of evil. The appearance of the “best in the universe” arises and goes behind to punish the boys. After defeating the “best in the universe”, the boys head to Nobunaga.

Release date for sd gundam world Heroes Episode 13

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 13 will be released on July 1, 2021 at 7:00 PM JST. You can watch SD Gundam World Heroes online on Crunchyroll and Funimation.