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Scarlet Nexus Episode 6 Release Date

July 28, 2021

The release date for Scarlet Nexus Episode 6 is August 5, 2021. We expect Scarlet Nexus Episode 6 to air in different time zones depending on where you are. If the air date for Episode 6 of Scarlet Nexus has changed, we’ll let you know with an updated article.

Where to watch episode 6 of Scarlet Nexus?

Scarlet Nexus Episode 6 is available from Funimation if licensed in your country. The Scarlet Nexus Episode 6 anime will air on Funimation every week.

Read on Scarlet Nexus

Others devour humans with grotesque bodies. To combat this new enemy, the Other Force of Repression is formed. Yuito, a psychokinetic boy, saves training for the retirement of this elite squad. Kasane, on the other hand, is highly sought after due to her talent. Kasane’s dreams, meanwhile, reveal strange things to her, uniting the two of them in their destiny.


In the year 2020 of the solar calendar, grotesque organisms began to eat people. The Other Suppression Force must remove the threat of annihilation to get rid of this villain. The psychokinetic suppressor Yuito was rescued as a child. Yuito joins the elite team and begins training for combat against opponents. Kasane, a child prodigy, was discovered and recognized for her abilities. Kasane, on the other hand, dreams of an unusual event. As a result of this vision, both of them rush into an inescapable destination.

The story begins in the future, in an alternate reality in which humanity uses technology to build a society out of materials from the human brain. These substances also give people enormous power. The other repression force seeks members who can save humanity from the other repression forces. The opponents of the Extinction Belt are alien mutants. Humanity has entered a new era, led by deranged mutants known as Others.