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SAKUGAN Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers, and Preview

November 30, 2021

SAKUGAN Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers, and Preview

SAKUGAN Episode 9 reveals the legendary marker, Gagamber, returning to explore the Labyrinth after retiring as a marker. His daughter Mememphu made him troll every day. Gagamber gets tired and realizes that if she doesn’t listen to Mememphu, she can slip away and travel alone. In the latest episode of SAKUGAN, Gagamber arrives at the Labyrinth in the morning and remembers the past. In the past, Gagamber traveled with his crew as a Legendary Marker. But one day, a boy asks him to travel with them.

One of Gagamber’s friends thinks the boy will come with them when he grows up. But for now, you can stay safe and will soon have your turn. Gagamber and Rufus board a robot and realize that they are heading to Crystal Garden. Gagamber believes that many treasures await them. They get there, and Gagamber discovers that they are all dead and sees blood all over the camp. He blames himself because he was the one who talked about going there. Gagamber realizes that his crew lost their lives because they used to value gold more than their lives.

Since that day, Gagamber has decided that he will never be part of the team and that he will travel alone with his daughter. He regrets losing his friends, but Mememphu has changed his mind and they meet Zlateku and Yuri. In the present, Mememphu wakes up and leaves after noticing that his father is still sleeping. Later, Gagamber wakes up and wonders why Mememphu left him behind. He knows that Mememphu wakes him up every day, even if he doesn’t like it. Gagamber hears the voices of women fighting for something and decides to go see what is happening.

Previously on SAKUGAN Episode 8

Gagamber realizes that the ladies who were fighting are the ones that wake everyone up in the morning as they fight for the basket every day. He walks towards the room where Zlaketu and Yuri are. Gagamber realizes that Zlaketu is taking care of Yuri, who falls ill after touching a poisonous plant. He wonders why he is telling her that the city is boring, as if he had been there before. Gagamber wonders if Yuri is recovering well. Zlaketu reveals that the doctors told him that Yuri would recover soon but that he would sleep for a few hours.

She asks him for news of Mememphu and realizes that he has never seen her since she woke up. Gagamber tells him that he has no idea where Memephu went. Zlaketu realizes that Gagamber enraged Mememphu by telling him that Urop does not exist and that Mememphu is aware of his addiction to gambling and his obsession with women. She advises him to apologize, but Gagamber thinks he has done nothing wrong. Zlaketu reminds Gagamber that Memephu is his partner and wonders how the two will continue to travel since they no longer speak to each other.

Gagamber realizes that he has never wanted a partner since he suffered this loss in the past. Yuri wakes up and Zlaketu realizes that Gagamber is the first to react. He cares about others, but pretends he has no one. But she decided not to tell him because she knew her action would say more than what came out of her mouth. Yuri told Gagamber that he was hungry. Zlaketu decided to leave after noticing that Yuri was improving. He knows that Yuri acts strange when he’s hungry.

SAKUGAN Episode 9 Release Date

SAKUGAN Episode 9 will be released on December 2, 2021. Gagamber buys Yuri food and the two eat together. He realizes that Yuri is back to normal. Yuri realizes that Gagamber is worried and realizes that the father and daughter have not settled their accounts. Gagamber continues to act like he’s not worried. Let’s take a look at the official SAKUGAN Episode 9 details and the latest updates.

Watch SAKUGAN Episode 9 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch SAKUGAN episode 9 online on Billibili and Crunchyroll on Fridays at 11:30 pm JST. You can watch SAKUGAN episode 9 online on the official YouTube channel and VRV through Crunchyroll in the UK region. Zlaketu met Mememphu sitting alone, and they had a girl talk. She told Mememphu about Yuri, and Mememphu revealed why she was angry. Later, Mememphu and his father reconcile and continue their journey. See you at the exit of episode 9 of SAKUGAN.