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Release date of One Punch Man Chapter 146

May 3, 2021

One Punch man Chapter 146 and 145: –

One punch man chapter 146 release date

One punch man is considered one of the best brands on IMDB and fans still can’t get enough of it. There’s no word yet on the release date for One Punch Man Chapter 146, but still, everyone is predicting that it won’t be long before we hear about the announcement.

One punch man chapter 146 spoilers

The One Punch Man fandom has long been discussing spoilers or predicting the best outcome ever. Right now, we don’t officially have a release date yet and whether the spoilers were leaked a few days before the premiere date or if updates would be given, but talking about the story that’s pissing off fans is a lot. points, we already know this would be a super generic action manga. The highly organized Atomic Samurai is truly brave and would fight well, but we will know more when the release date is known.

One Punch Man Chapter 145 Explanation

One Punch Man chapter 145 came out earlier, so the question arises among the fandom about what will happen in the next chapters, as they would like Saitamas to return to save his dear friends after Fuhrer Ugly was the one who put all in danger.

Otherwise, something disastrous is likely to happen as the heroes are continually threatened by the villain. Puri Puri might appear to save them instead, like saving the Child Emperor, while Iaian and Evil Natural Water might collide, Darkshine and Atomic Samurai.

Tanktop Master and Tatsumake will be defended by Genos against Gums and Fuhrer Ugly. Faced with these two powerful opponents, they may be preparing to face the best of him.

The scene is depicted as Bangs stepping forward knowing that he could defeat Fuhrer Ugly. However, if the latter is capable of transforming, he can also beat Bangs easily and stress-free.

Where to read the manga One punch manga

One punch manga chapters 145 and 146 will be available to read here as they become available. Viz Media is also another platform where you can read One punch manga. The anime is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

More information about One Punch Man

The One punch man franchise is created by ONE. The webcomic debuted in July and chronicles the adventures of Saitama, the protagonist, whose willpower and hard work to strengthen himself throughout his journey has led him to be as strong as he is. All the stress of the chains of events to work hard left him bald and Saitama is currently on the hunt for an enemy that can withstand his blow, which is strong enough for anyone.

One Punch Man Chapter 146 Expected Characters

– Saitama is the bald man of 25 years who is the protagonist.

– Prisoner Puri Puri is the S-class professional member of the Hero association.

– Dr. Kuseno is a scientist who turned Genos into a cyborg.

– Iaian is the level 2 class A pro hero here.

– Genos is the 19-year-old supporting main character of one punch man who has transformed into a cyborg.

– Bang a hero, also known as Silver Fang, is not only a professional hero here, but also a martial arts master, and the master and creator of Water Stream Rock.

– Fahrer Ugly is a Dragon-level being and an executive member of the Monster Association.