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Release date of One Piece Chapter 1011 and 1012

April 21, 2021

One Piece Chapter 1011 will be available to read online in a few days, as the manga chapter launches this week. The spoilers and leaks of the manga’s basic plot summary have finally been released and more details will also be updated soon.

The One Piece Chapter 1011 raws will also be released in a few hours so that the spoilers can really be verified. Here’s more information on how to read One Piece Chapter 1011 online and One Piece Chapter 1012 preview spoilers and release date details.

One Piece chapter 1011 release date

Fans can read One Piece Chapter 1011 legally and for free online on official manga publisher apps and websites. Always use legal channels to read manga series as it would help creators to write better stories. The official release date for One Piece Chapter 1011 is Sunday, April 25, and the manga edition can be read online after 12 p.m. EST from the following sources.

Viz Media – Shonen Jump

One Piece Chapter 1011 Spoiler Summary

The One Piece Chapter 1011 leaks will be released around Thursday and a full summary of the manga based on the panels will be compiled. For now, there is a basic summary of the manga that vaguely reveals the events of the story. Those interested in reading the One Piece Chapter 1011 spoiler summary can click the link below.

One Piece chapter 1012 release date

The release date of One Piece Chapter 1012 has been postponed to next Sunday, May 9, according to leaks from the manga. It has been confirmed that there will be a hiatus next week due to the Golden Week holiday in Japan and therefore One Piece chapter 1012 will not be released next week. As for the One Piece Chapter 1012 preview, it could show Big Mom breaking the alliance with Kaido and fighting him for what he has done to Okobore City.