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Release date of episode 3 of Sonny Boy

July 25, 2021

Sonny Boy Episode 3 Release Date

The release date for Sonny Boy Episode 3 is July 30, 2021. raw scans for Episode 3 have not yet been released. If the release date for Sonny Boy Episode 3 has changed, we’ll let you know an updated article.

Where to watch episode 3 of Sonny Boy online?

Watch Sonny Boy Episode 3 online on Funimation. We recommend that you search the official platforms to support authors. The Sonny Boy Episode 3 Anime Online will be released on Funimation every week.

More about Sonny Boy

Shingo Natsume’s animated series, directed and written by Sonny Boy, is currently airing in Japan. It will premiere on July 16, 2021.


It was a typical day like any other in which the students went about their business at school, but when strange events began they were put down. The students were given access to teleportation that they had never seen before on other worlds. Life became difficult for the students until they discovered that they had new magical abilities in this world and used them to survive. The alien race and other mysterious creatures fight for control of the new world. In this new world, survival of the fittest is the only option.

Nagara, Nozomi, Mizuho, ​​Asakaze, Rajdhani, Pony, Cap, Hayato, and Shanghai team up to fight monsters to save the human race. In the real world, students struggle to find their way home. The war between humanity and the alien race has begun. The students, who are made up of 36 men and women, fight the monsters. Then the students realize that they are in utopia, but some believe that they are in hell.

Sonny Boy Trailer