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Release date for season 2 of Tensure Nikki

June 23, 2021

Based on the homonymous manga series written and illustrated by Shiba, “Tensura Nikki: Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken” or “The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” is an anime derived from the isekai fantasy series ” Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken ”or“ that time i got reincarnated as a slime ”. The spin-off expands the franchise by depicting the everyday lives of the residents of the Jura Tempest Federation, the nation of monsters that created the reincarnated protagonist Satoru Mikami or Rimuru Tempest. The art and animation styles of this anime are quite different from the original series, but the actors are the same.

After its premiere, the series received positive critical reviews for its animation and the innovative ways in which it expanded the universe of “TenSura.” The inaugural season of the recently airing show ended. If you’re wondering when next season ends, we’ve got you covered.

Release date for season 2 of Tensura Nikki

The first season of Tensura Nikki aired on April 6, 2021, and ran for 12 episodes before ending on June 22, 2021. Studio 8bit, the host of the original series, also developed the spin-off, along with Yuuji Haibara. at the head of the production team and Kotatsumikan at the head of the writing team. The series was originally scheduled to begin airing in January 2021, but was postponed until April 2021 due to the COVID situation. As for the second season, this is what we know. Neither the 8bit executives nor the anime’s creators have commented on this yet.

Season 1 of ‘Tensura Nikki’ took place in the middle period between two courses of the second season of the original series, giving fans a different and lighter perspective on the ‘TenSura’ universe. Shiba has released 5 volumes of the “Tensure Nikki” manga series through Kodansha Publishing Company to date, and only 2 of them have been adapted for season 1. So there is a lot of material available to develop a second season. Ultimately, it all depends on how popular the anime is and how many Blu-rays / DVDs it sells. If it manages to replicate the success of the original series, then the revamp is only a matter of time. And if that happens in the coming months, expect season 2 of “Nikki Tension” to release in 2022.

Tensure Nikki season 2 plot: what is it?

In the season 1 finale, Tempest celebrates the arrival of a new year. This is the first time that Rimuru has celebrated the New Year since he came to this world. To Rimuru’s surprise, the locals built a shrine in the city. As expected, it is dedicated to him. Shion and Milim face off in a very competitive badminton match, which Shion ends up losing. The townspeople also play games, write New Year’s resolutions, fly kites, and make mochi. Treyni visits Rimuru to warn him of a coming storm. Later, Rimuru dreams of Shizue. It is revealed that Rimuru did not write a single word in his journal.

In the future season 2, Rimuru could visit the Ingrassia Realm and begin teaching the Otherworld students that Shizue taught. Rimuru will probably become their classroom teacher and will cherish every moment spent with them. On the other hand, his absence could be unbearable for the people of Tempest. Clayman will likely prepare to act against Rimuru and his other enemies.