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Release date for My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 105

June 30, 2021

My Hero Academia Vigilantes is back with more updates this month. The war between villains and heroes continues. Detective Naomasa sent Koichi the caterpillar to summon professional hero All Might. Evil Number Six escaped after being captured by the police. Number Six decided to team up to catch their target, Kazuho, ​​also known as Pop Step. The chapter begins with Koichi walking away from the stage to call All Might. Koichi looks back and sees that someone is chasing him.

Koichi realizes that he must avoid a head-on fight with a villain, as it will delay his mission. Meanwhile, the Annons begin to pursue Koga, who is running at full speed; he knows that if he makes contact with them, they will explode after activating a bomber quirk. Inside the building, the police force tries to fend off the bad guys with the help of Detective Naomasa and the Pro Hero Midnight. The Annons appear behind Ping and Mou, who thought they were hiding. Kazuho is fighting for his life on the top floor of the hospital.

The title of the chapter is “The wicked.” The group of heroes were shocked when the evil bombers stopped attacking. They start to act like they want to sleep, and Koichi is surprised to see Number Six in front of him. Number 6 asks Koichi if he is looking to fight and why he has returned. Koichi replies that he’s not sure he wants to fight, but he remembers the day he met him. Koichi teases Number Six about his face and how he looks different. Number 6 tries to hide his face and wonders why he is forgetting his face. He comments that he runs like a faceless man.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 104 Highlights

Number Six continues to rub his face and use his Quirk to look good. Koichi is surprised to see Rokuro Nomura’s face and Number Six comments that it is the best face he can show and one of his favorites. Number Six adds that he wishes he could mold Koichi, and that he will be thrilled when people see the double. Koichi wonders what his boy is saying. Number Six reveals that this means that Koichi has to go and that he will be the new version of Koichi, and the last time he looked good he was on terms with Pop.

Number Six tells Koichi that Rock and Pop will reunite and make a remarkable comeback if he takes him out. Koichi realizes that Number Six wants to unleash Koazuho’s evil side. Number Six comments that Pop knows many secrets and needs to be eliminated. Koichi decides to sacrifice himself and says that he can disappear if Number Six lets go of Pop. Koichi begs Number Six not to hurt Pop, and he will never appear anywhere again or be seen anywhere. Number Six takes this to his advantage and decides to make a deal with Koichi.

Quirk: Glide and Glide

Number Six surprised Koichi when he said that he wasn’t talking about a trip somewhere, he was talking about Koichi’s death. The Crawler thought he was saying that he had to disappear and live in another world. Number 6 raises his leg and tries to hit Koichi’s head. Fortunately, Koichi saw it coming and uses Quirk: Slide and Glide from the bow position. Number 6 was surprised when Koichi softened his swing leg. Koichi did this submissive trick by crouching down to counter Number Six.

The thing went well, and he manages to trip over number six, which begins to fall. Koichi gets up and realizes that he has to speed up and fight back. Number Six realizes that he is in mid-flight and that he is in Koichi’s trap. Previously, Koichi discussed the plan with Koga before facing Number Six. Koga tells Koichi that they are dealing with some speedy trash, but that they have a trick that could work to their advantage. Number Six loses focus when speaking or singing, and that’s when Kochi has to grab him when he’s in mid-flight.

Returning to the fight, Koichi fires a lightning bolt to knock out Number Six. Unfortunately, Koichi has seen the image of Kazuho in his mind and doesn’t dare to attack in time. Number six escapes in time and Koichi’s shot misses. Koichi is surprised to have lost the enemy in his hand. Number Six appears behind Koichi and comments that the Crawler has played a trick on him. Number 6 reminds Koichi to compromise if he wants to do something. The two begin to switch movements and Number Six attacks with a heavy fist.

Release date of chapter 105 of My Hero Academia Vigilantes

My Hero: Vigilantes Academy Chapter 105 on July 9, 2021. You can also support the Manga by reading official My Hero Academia Vigilantes on VIZ Media and Manga plus from Shueisha for free.