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Release date for Episode 14 of Edens Zero

July 6, 2021

Edens Zero continues after the destruction of the planet Guilst. Xiaomei reveals that to restore Edens Zero’s true powers, they need four bright stars. The witch Regret continues to protect the ship by paying homage to the Great Demon King. Sister Ivry, an excellent healer, recently joined the ship. The duo continue to work with Shiki as he travels to different planets. Later, the third Hermit joins them; the title of the episode is “Virtual Super Planet”. Shiki and the crew are happy to see the Hermit. Weisz is happy that another Sister of the Four Bright Stars is with them.

Mosco also applauds the ladies, and Pino comments that they are female android models. Sister Ivry says Hermit still enjoys hanging out with them inside Edens Zero. The team realizes that something is wrong with Hermit, and Ivry says they should get her involved. The witch Regret and Homura retrieve the Hermit and send him to the examination room. Ivry notices that the Hermit does not move and does not say a single word. They wonder what happens to Hermit since it is not damaged and Ivry finds many errors in his system.

The witch Lamento tries to find a way to help the Hermit because Ivry said her “healing” would not help her. Shiki wonders if Weisz can fix the Hermit. Weisz replies that it sounds crazy since he doesn’t have the power to heal the lady. Rebecca is surprised that a girl like Hermit is one of the Four Shining Stars. Moscow and Happy note that Hermit is an android. Pino reveals that there is no problem with the propulsion systems of his Ether reactor. The monitoring and sound functions are all normal.

Previously in Edens Zero Episode 13

Pino also says that he did not find a virus in Hermit, and Ivry believes it is an abnormal sleep pattern. Shiki wonders what this means, and Witch Regret replies that the Hermit’s heart has been damaged. The team wonders if something terrifying could happen to the Hermit; Homura says it could be dangerous as his heart will shut down. Shiki wonders if there is any way to save the Hermit. Ivry replies that he has no idea how to fix an android in this condition.

Shiki suggests that they enter Hermit’s body and repair his broken heart. Rebecca and Weisz believe that Shiki said the impossible. Weisz wonders how they can get into someone’s body. Shiki realizes that Weisz is a teacher and asks if he can make a machine that teleports them to Hermit’s body. The young Wiesz realizes that he is like a gangster and screams that he cannot create this machine. Pino and Happy wonder if hearts are physically shaped. Shiki replies that Hermit is a robot and that he might have something on his chest.

The super virtual: Digitalis

Pino and Happy realize that they are robots and that they do not have hearts. They told Shiki that robots have no soul. Weisz scratches his head and tells Shiki to stop with his crazy ideas. Shiki replies that they have to save the Hermit no matter what. Shiki also says that it saddens him to see Hermit in this state. Weisz teases Shiki by telling him that he is about to cry, and he replies that he does not “cry” by shedding tears.

Rebecca also taunts Shiki, and the witch Rgret kneels before the Great Demon King. The witch Regret reveals that there is a way to save the Hermit. Shiki asks him to explain himself; Ivry wonders if they’re talking about diving into the model. Witch Regret says Hermott’s heart is on the digital planet. Shiki is surprised that the soul is not there, but it is still alive. Witch Regret responds that the Hermit is in what they call “Diving Mode.” Your ego and your mind have moved to a digital world. The crew realizes that the Hermit has been dreaming all along; Ivry said that he dreams digitally and in a virtual space.

Weisz says that the digital planet is a planet that does not make sense. Ivry says that the Digital Planet is the world where the physical body has no influence and is known as “The Super Virtual: Digitalis”. Shiki decides that they have to go save the Hermit. The witch Ivry replies that Digitalis cannot be accessed with a physical body. But they can dive into it and take digital forms. Weisz says it looks like an online game. They decide to enter the Digitalis, and Rebecca explains how it works. They meet an assassin who kills everyone in Digitalis, and he is known as Draken Joe.

Release date for episode 14 of Edens Zero

The release date for Episode 14 of Edens Zero is July 11, 2021 at 12:55 am JST. You can watch Edens Zero online on Netflix.