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Release date and spoilers for One Piece Episode 982

July 6, 2021

One Piece is about to reveal the biggest war on Onigashima yet. Three captains are in action, and Luffy comforts momonosuke before Kanjuro leaves with him. He told Momonosuke that they would come to save him. After allowing their enemy’s spy, Kanjuro, to kidnap Momonosuke, Luffy and the rest of the samurai faced another crisis when the long-awaited man finally returned. A mysterious man asked everyone around the sea to listen to him. The man reveals that he was born in Fishman District, Ryugu Kingdom, the Land of the Deep.

The Straw Hat Pirates are excited to meet this strange man. The man goes on to say that he had a hard time with his elders around the world. “I’m going to exchange a cup of sake with the Straw Hat chef.” People call me “First Son of the Sea.” Jimbei Straw Hat Pirates Helmsman Reward: 438 million berries. Jimbei tells them to remember his face as he will continue to help them. The title of the episode is “A New Member! The ‘first son of the sea’ Jimbei “. Luffy jumps out of the boat and kisses Jimbei. The other two captains look at Luffy who welcomes a new member.

Jimbei jumps into the Sunny and comments that he is the Sunny’s crew member as of today. They both kiss Jimbei and Sanji is worried that Nami is hugging Jimbei so tightly. The Straw Hats decide to have a welcome party. Usopp comments that he is the former Lord of the Sea, Jimbei, and his newest member. Luffy comments that Jimbei made it worry, and the two recall the first time they met and how Luffy lost his brother. The day Jimbei asks Luffy to release him from prison and helps him take down Kaido.

Previously in One Piece Episode 981

Jimbei reveals that he takes care of some injured members of the Sun Pirates, and the farewell party for him was a blast, making it difficult for him to escape. Nami comments that she is happy to see Jimbei again. Luffy realizes that his promise has come true and they have ended up in Wano Country. The two also remember a guy on the day of the battle who wanted to take Dragon’s son away, and Jimbei has protected Luffy since he was conscious. Meanwhile, Kinemon and the members of Akazaya have decided to plan how they will invade Onigashima. Kin tried to call Luffy and Law told him not to bother.

They realize that Law and Luffy will not stick to the plan and decide not to include them in their mission. Kinemon addresses their strategy and says that they must enter Onigashima using the main entrance and break through the strong force. Law realizes that this plan is not safe and says that two idiots will try to attack, fighting for Kaido’s head. These idiots will be used as bait to break through the main entrance of Onigshima. The rest of Samuera will use the back entrance as the strongest warriors will focus on Luffy and Captain Kid (two idiots).

Chewing Gum: Jet Gun, Two Sword Style: Hawk Wave vs. Animal Kingdom Pirates

Kinemon and the others realize that this plan is exceptional as Luff and Kid will not hesitate to destroy Kaido’s henchmen. Both coincide in the same objective. Meanwhile, inside, Sunny Zoro comments that she smelled like alcohol and it’s time to party. Sanji replies that Zoro is tasteless and odorless since everyone can smell the sea. Franky is glad that someone who is going to steer the ship has returned. Sunny arrives at the Tori Gate, and Zoro was right that it smelled like beer. Usopp wonders if they should attack and Luffy agrees. Luffy says that they are going to get Kaido’s beer and head back.

The Animal Kingdom Pirates detect the enemy ship and begin to attack. Luffy jumps and crushes the pirates using Gum-Gum: Gatling and destroys all the cannons on the ship. The beast appears, trying to cut Luffy, who hits the beast using Gum-Gum: Pistol. Zoro unleashes two-sword style: Hawk Wave. Broke is surrounded by the Animal Kingdom Pirates and says they got him.

He broke active Soul Solid: Swallow Streamer and freezes all enemies around him. Robin stomps on enemies using a Thousand Flowers: Gigantic Hand Stomp, and Sanji says that Robin is beautiful even when fighting. Sanji uses Flank to beat the guy who taunts him for completing Robin. Franky uses Franky Boxing to punish arrogant hackers. Nami, Usop, and Chopper say these guys are fine, they don’t need their help. Luffy punishes the last group using Gum-Gum: Jet Pistol. The next episode will focus on Queen and Yamato with the Straw Hats attack.

One Piece episode 982 release date and where to see it?

The release date of One Piece Episode 982 is July 11, 2012 at 9:30 am You can watch One Piece online on Crunchyroll and Netflix.