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Release date and preview of episode 6 of Dungeon Of Black Company

August 8, 2021

Let’s learn about the NEET’s life, in their world, in episode 6 of The Dark Company Dungeon. Kinji, Wanibe, and Rim teamed up and began to conquer the dungeon. Kinji managed to teleport to earth and returned to the day when he was a NEET. He curses the “dungeon” and comments that it is silly for a guy like him to live in a different world with monsters. Kinji believes that he has had a nightmare and is beginning to enjoy the luxury as he did in the past. He sits down, turns on the television, and finds the latest news about a giant creature that lands.

The giant creature is hungry and says it needs meat. Reporters reveal that the gigantic unknown creature in central Tokyo is moving northwest, destroying food storage sites in its wake. Kinji wonders what is going on and this giant creature looks familiar. The doorbell rings and the gentleman asks for Mr. Ninomiya Kinji. The lady reveals that she is in front of the building of the guy who knows the monster.

The lady also says that the owner of the house, Mr. Ninomiya Kinji, knows where this monster lives. Kinji looks out the window and sees many reporters waiting for him to come and give an explanation. Kinji yells that he doesn’t know anything, and hears the girl’s voice saying “I found you, I’m hungry.” It’s Rim, and Kinji wonders how he got there since he came back alone. The next day, Kinji wakes up to find that Rim is eating his boot. Kinji realizes that he was dreaming.

Previously on Episode 5 of The Dungeon of Black Company

The title of the episode is “Transfer”. A demon woman enters the room and calls Kinji Lord Messiah and asks him to save her world. Kinji wonders if he misheard the lady saying that she wanted him to protect her world. The lady replies that that’s what she said, and Kinji says that she doesn’t understand the situation and where she is. Kinji also adds that the last time he remembers he was in the dungeon and where Shia and Wanibe are. The lady replies that she forgot her line.

The Book of Prophecies

The lady reveals that the “Book of Prophecies” mentions what to do when this kind of thing happens. Open the book to memorize the line you forgot. “The book of prophecies says that if the Messiah is confused and starts bombarding you with questions, go ahead with a pleading look to the right side for the best effect.”

The lady realizes that she forgot to beg and comments that the Lord Messiah and humans are on the brink of extinction; please help us. Kinji wonders what is going on, and he is not the Lord Messiah. He realizes that it is time to show something and asks Rim to reveal his powers. Rim uses his fist and smashes the building, and Kinji sees buildings.

A man walks into the room and tells Lord Messiah that he apologizes for his manners. The guy reveals that he is Zazel in charge of this town, Marcia. The demon woman is Ranga, the priest, and has skill with magic. Zazel explains the story that happened 3,000 years ago when a specific society brought the world to the brink of collapse. The Book of Prophecies says that the road to Japan would open when Lord Messiah confronted the Demon Lord. Kinji has agreed to become the Messiah Lord and will later meet the Demon Lord.

Release date for Dungeon of Black Company Episode 6

The release date for episode 6 of The Dungeon of Black Company is August 13, 2021 at 10:30 p.m. ET. This anime is left with five episodes to conclude the final episode. Don’t miss the latest episode every Friday. Every Friday we will bring a new episode to get one on time, you can change the previous time to your local time.

Where to watch episode 6 of The Dungeon of Black Company?

You can watch The Dungeon of Black Company episode 6 online at Funimation. The Dungeon of Black Company is available on its official website and on its Twitter account. The latest news is updated daily on the official anime platforms.