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Read Solo Leveling Chapter 156: Release Date and Spoilers

June 11, 2021

Today we are going to delve into chapter 156 of Solo Leveling. Citizens and the media have remained in panic since the door to destruction was opened. There is massive traffic and a gathering of humans witnessing the most dangerous entrance Tokyo has ever seen in the city. Only Leveling Season 2 will reveal Sung Jinwoo’s true strength as he protects humans and hunters from an evil organization that wants to take over the world. Unfortunately, while protecting the humans, Sung jinwoo lost his love, Chief Go Gee-Han. The latest updates for solo leveling season 2 continue below.

Humans notice something above the sky and wonder what they are seeing. Jin Ah and her mother wonder if they will run away. Jin Ah’s mother tells her that if they have to die, they will die here. He reminds his daughter that the movement has not announced an official evacuation and that they should not fear for anything. Jin Ah replies that she is going to college next year and that she cannot die without enjoying the pleasure of living alone, drinking, and doing whatever she wants.

Jin Ah’s mom comments that she made this joke to forget what’s going on in Tokyo. His daughter replies that now they shouldn’t talk about death and that she is too young to die. Jin Ah’s mother reminds Jin Ah that she has a son who is an S-rank hunter, Sung Jinwoo, and that he will protect them no matter what, just like Ah Jin’s father saved them. Ah Jin smiles and realizes that Sung Jinwoo may be dealing with the problem that could eradicate the world. Meanwhile, Sung Jinwoo watches the incident while sitting on the roof. Sung is ready to protect his family in the upcoming episode 156 of Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling Season 2 – Chapter 155 – Highlights

Sung Jinwoo realizes that he cannot smell the creatures within the portal. Previously, Sung Jinwoo was unable to break through the portal wall and trains with Beru, who shows his new form as General Beru. Sung Jinwoo wonders how he can stop this door and where the creatures can hide. He realizes that he must deal with this matter without harming humans. Sung Jinwoo picks up his cell phone after realizing that he needs to speak to someone before sacrificing himself for the good of the world.

Sung Jinwoo scrolls through his phone and sees his mother’s name and comments that he needs to call someone if this is his end. Meanwhile, Ms. Hae-in talks to a man who is concerned about her ability to wield the sword. The man says he’s worried that Hae-in’s heart is consumed with fear. The two men hear the phone ring, but the guy says he lost his arm and doesn’t want Hae-in to fight the beasts he fought in the past. Ms. Hae-in answers the phone and discovers that it is an urgent matter and that she must go. Hae’s teacher tells him to go away and take care of the emergency.

Meanwhile, the citizens see someone and wonder if it is the hunter Sung Jinwoo. The press is holding a conference to discuss something, and Sung Jinwoo wants to make a big announcement. Ms. Hae-in walks alongside Sung Jinwoo and the townspeople wonder if Hae is Sung Jinwoo’s girlfriend. Some citizens realize that this girl is the hunter Cha Hae-in. Sung Jinwoo comments that he thought there wouldn’t be that much crowd since the situation is dire. Cha Hae is embarrassed to walk near the respected hunter Sung Jinwoo. So what to expect in Solo Leveling Chapter 156?

What happens in chapter 156 of Solo Leveling?

Hae asks Sung Jinwoo if he likes to visit a place like this, and Sung Jinwoo replies that he doesn’t. Then, Hae asks Sung Jinwoo why he invited her to that place. Sung Jinwoo replies that Hae-in is his only best friend. So, Sung Jinwoo reminds Hae of the last battle with the statue, and Hae said that he had come to save Sung Jinwoo. Hae can’t believe that Sung Jinwoo heard her then. Finally, Sung Jinwoo spoke about the true identity of the strange dungeon.

Hae wonders what Sung Jinwoo is talking about and Sung Jinwoo comments that he will tell her a secret after he calms down. Sung Jinwoo has fun giving his fans autographs, and Hae realizes that this is the first time they have had fun. Since Hae became a Huntress two years ago, she has only gone on quests and killed monsters, but now she is finally spending time with Sung Jinwoo. The two of them had a blast riding a roller coaster and visiting spooky rooms. Hae has no idea why Sung Jinwoo is doing this.

Later, the two of them went to eat chips and smoothies at a nearby restaurant. Hae feels like it’s a date, and Sung Jinwoo asks if he’s having fun, to which Hae replies that he’s having fun. Then Sung Jinwoo says he wants to do something fun and summons Beru. Beru flies with the two men into the sky. Sung Jinwoo tells Hae that he wants to go to the amusement park since the door leading to his father appeared. The two of them had a wonderful day and Sung Jinwoo is showing Hae something special.

Release date for Solo Leveling chapter 156

The release date for Solo Leveling Chapter 156 is June 17, 2021. We haven’t found an official way to play Solo Leveling. You can read Solo Leveling in Kakao Page magazine.