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Read My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Release Date

June 21, 2021

Today we are going to talk about chapter 318 of My Hero Academia. Young hero Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, has gone in search of the villain Tomura Shigaraki and his leader All For One. On his way, Izuku fought with Lady Nagant, who had been hired by All For One to capture him. After defeating Lady Nagant, he told them everything he knew and All For One’s hideout. The Pro Heroes led by Izuku head to the refuge but cannot find their target. My Hero Academia updates continue as Izuku tries to locate his nemesis. The title of the chapter is “Scars, blood, dirt.”

All Mighty told Izuku that he was his next target as All Mighty no longer interested him. The Pro Heroes have escaped a huge explosion and have come together and realized that the explosion was meant to erase the trail of the League of Villains. Pro Hero Edge Shot asks if they got any valuable information from Lady Nagant. The Pro Hero Hawks replies that Lady Nagant is not in good shape, and at the hospital, they wonder how she is still alive. Rookie Kamui Woods wonders how a woman can desperately fight for her life.

Edgeshot asks Endeavor about the situation. Kamui suggests that they should try to gather more heroes and strengthen their forces. Mt. Lady comments that they can leave everything to Midoriya since the incident with Nagant revolves around him. The League of Villains is left to Izuku. The Beast Jeanista realizes that most of the Heroes have hung up their disguises and decided to retreat. Hero number one is worried that Izuku is attacked by the media because most of the heroes who have resigned are leaking information. The media want to know the truth behind One For All. They also want to know what the connection to All For One is.

My Hero Academia Chapter 317 Summary

Endeavor told trusted Pro Heroes that they couldn’t let the world know the truth about Izuku’s Quirk: One For All. If the world finds out about One For All, Izuku will be surrounded by negativity and criticism. Pro Hero Hawks notes that they can talk about misfortune all day, because misfortune is knocking on their door. Mt. Lady realizes she has an idea. Mt. Laddy wonders if All For One is considering making any public announcements about Midoriya and One For All.

Endeavor responds that if All For One does this, they will be forced to hide Deku in a safe place. But the silence of All For One means something else that the media won’t include. Endeavor also says that if they sit down, nothing will happen as they are few. Hero number one looks at his cell phone and realizes that he missed calls and messages from Shoto. Endeavor realizes that he promised Shota that they would arrest Toya. Endeavor apologizes that it is in the middle of a bigger case than Toya.

Mysterious hero

The Pro Hero Hawks wonders who Endeavor is texting and Endeavor rings again. Hawks comments that it is his cell phone, and has heard from All Might that Midoriya has met a second mercenary. Meanwhile, in another city, All Might saw the boy hit the bad guy at once. Izuku ran over the guy who had signed up to cut him off. Almighty is impressed and realizes that the sniper had no information as he was at risk of exploding. However, it didn’t take the young hero a minute to defeat the enemy.

Izuku tries to get somewhere, and All Might tries to stop him. All Might reminds Izuku to eat and wash. The boy reminds his idol that he doesn’t need to be overprotective and that he can now fend for himself. Izuku realizes that Almighty has told him that it is his turn and that Almighty is not on the list. Almighty is trying to reason with the child. But Izuku reminds him to take 100 percent with him. All Might was shocked when the boy told him to tell the world he was here.

All Might wonders what happened to Izuku to make him say such things. Izuku realizes that All Might has been through a lot as All For One’s handler, and that he needs to rest without worrying about him. So the boy walks away from All Might and tells him not to worry about him. All Might sent the lunch back to the well and it collapsed. A mysterious guy observed everything to the end. This guy is said to have the abilities of All For One or Nome. The weird guy has been covered in blood and dirt, covering his scars, but you’ll never think he was ever a hero just by looking at him.

Release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 318

The release date of My Hero: Academia Chapter 318 is set for June 27, 2021. You can read My Hero Academia for free and official on VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga plus.