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Read Dr. Stone Chapter 202 Release Date

June 21, 2021

The war between the two rival scientists ended with the victory of the Kingdom of Science. After the war, the world changed and Suika resurrected the Kingdom of Science. The leader of the Science Realm took a risk and resurrected Dr. Xeno, who allied with him and decided to help each other achieve their goals. Thus, Dr. Stone entered a new era and a new world created by Senku and his team. Ryusui gave everyone tasks to complete before embarking on their next trip to the moon.

The chapter begins with Senku and Suika on the cover, and the title is “Morse Talk.” Kohaku is surprised that the marching band they recently created can rival their speed on earth. Kohaku tried to overtake the boat, but they kept the same level. Gen comments that Kohaku is fantastic. Suika, Gen and Kohaku enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. Gen reveals that they are in the middle of the Atlantic, near the equator. Senku and the rest of the crew realize that it is hot and decide to work on something.

Later, after hard work, Senku and the Kingdom of Science acquired AC. Ryusui comments that they have the new activities with a new motor and fully wired for electricity. Senku checks the things they have already created so far. Chelsea wonders if they are first class passengers. Gen says he missed modern life and that it was thanks to the two scientists that they came up with these ideas. Senku replies that they are working step by step, but they are far from reaching their goal. The crew feasts on delicious desserts and drinks. So what does Dr. Stone chapter 202 have in store for us?

Dr. Stone Chapter 203 Summary

Operation “Revive the Whole World” is about to begin, with Ukyou addressing how they are going to go their separate ways. Ukyou reveals that they will divide into different teams and carry out their tasks through communication. But they don’t have a satellite, which makes communication over long distances difficult. Ukyou says her streaming option is to use Morse code. Senku adds that they will have to learn Morse code quickly. Kohaku worries that he won’t even be able to write, and Suika tells him that she will teach him.

Ukyo and Taiju talk about using status updates. Taiju comments that they are going to finish the boat and return to the city of corn. Ginro wonders why he’s thinking about Supper Alloy City. He thinks he will stay to watch over Dr. Xeno. Matsukaze also thinks that a guy like Xeno is not trustworthy as he can turn into a traitor at any moment. Suika talks to Chrome and says it will take her many years to become Dr. Suika. Chrome comments that since they are the same age, that makes Suika her scientific rival.

Message from the Moon

Chelsea is delighted to be able to travel the world for free without having to pay. Chelsea comments that free rides are hard to come by. Gen is happy that his geographer is having fun. Ryusui exclaims that he wants everything in this new world as he is still working as a pioneer. Chrome remembers the moment these idiots found out about his plans before resurrecting. Meanwhile, Ukyou receives a signal from Leonardo from the moon. Finally, Senku tells Gen about a treasure called Fluorite.

The Kingdom of Science team also talked about radio signals and the human problem. Chrome said that is not usually the reason for the letter the man sends. Senku heard the message and heard “DO YO”, he heard correctly, and the voice said “Do you want to die?” Senku thinks that an enemy wants to start a war or play a Q with them and A. Ryusui comments that it will be fun and tells Francis to answer in all languages. Gen wanted them to play with the sender.

Francis comments that the lunar signal has stopped, but that they receive a clear answer from this entity “why”. Gen says the sender is not interested in talking to them as they might be afraid of their torture. Senku replies that they are going to show why the moon is a man’s house. Chelsea believes that when Senku talked about the lunar mission, he talked about hanging out around the spacecraft. Senku reveals that in order to land on the moon, they must turn the trees into sacred treasures.

Dr. Stone Chapter 202 release date and where to read it online?

Dr. Stone Chapter 202 will be released on June 27, 2021. Dr. Stone will continue next Sunday. Stone on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga for free.