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July 13, 2021

It’s finally the time of the month when we start making fan theories about Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50. Every month, fans are eager to read the new chapter of Takeo Ono’s popular manga. The first season of the anime adaptation also concluded last week. So it seems only fair that many fans switch to the text counterpart to figure out the plot. Episode 49 marked a turning point in the fight between Zerofuku and Buddha.

When the warrior was almost convinced to drop his ax and kneel before Buddha, a new man steps in to make matters worse. From the premiere date to the plot details, this article has everything you need to know about the next chapter. Explore all the subtitles to find out what happens after Zerofuku transforms into Hajum.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50: Plot Details!

At this time, neither the official chapter name nor the raw scans are in the public domain. Therefore, fans must rely on fan speculations and theories to judge Zero’s fate in this fight. As we saw earlier, when Zero was about to kneel down and accept his defeat, Beelzebub intervenes and destroys the eighth sense of Buddha. Even Buddha’s composure is broken after this act. Now Zerofuku is in Hajum form.

In this higher sense, his misery and mercy will also destroy the other senses of the Buddha. It’s clear that the next chapters of Record of Ragnarok will continue this epic battle between God and Zero. Additionally, fans can also expect to see Beelzebub enter the fight at some point. For now, let’s look at the qualities of the Hajum form in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50.

Summary of the previous chapter!

Record of Ragnarok chapter 49 saw the continuation of the fight between Buddha and Zerofuku. Throughout the fight, Buda remained calm and collected, while Zero suffered the misery of defeat. With each defeat, he felt sorry for himself and his ax grew. However, this couldn’t last long as Buddha realized that Zero’s ax was doing more damage.

So, they take a moment during the fight to restore Zero’s mercy. Buddha teaches his adversary that his misery is the only cause of his downfall. Therefore, if you resort to self-love, your powers will increase exponentially. Disapproving of Zero’s change of mind, Beelzebub intervenes in the fight and transforms Zerofuku into Hajun. At this point, the chapter ends on a suspense.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 Release Date

Fortunately, the new chapter of Record of Ragnarok is scheduled. The RoR manga comes out on the 25th of every month. This means that Record of Ragnarok Chapter 50 will be released on July 25, 2021. As of yet, there is no news of a hiatus or delay in the public domain. If the manga faces a delay, we will notify you as soon as the news is known. You can read the final chapters of this epic manga on fan translation sites. It’s only a matter of time before Viz Media authorizes the story and releases it in English soon.