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Preview: SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 17

July 24, 2021

Liu Bei met Sun Jian after the battle and they decided to take a trip together. Liu Bei gave Haro to Zhuge for Zhang Lang to repair Haro. Later, he discovers Master Cao Cao’s plans and decides to confront him. Let’s see how the heroes will do justice to the different worlds of SD Gundam World Heroes. In the morning, Master Cao Cao spoke with Liu Bei and asked him to do justice. The heroes wonder what Liu Bei is going to say because Cao Cao has evil plans.

Cao Cao reminds Lui Bei that he has a power that can protect the world and that they can use. Lui Bei refuses and says that he is of no use to anyone other than to bring justice to this world. Cao Cao comments that he has bad expectations. Liu Bei transforms after Cao Cao says it’s time for Lui Bei to die. The title of the episode is “Days of Regrets.” Master Cao Cao’s men and heroes begin to fight. The pirate crew collides with the knights, and one of the knights wounds the pirates and tells them that they must follow their president’s orders.

The guys who bragged about winning the battle are shocked when a huge explosion hits them. They realize that it is the Dragon Guard of the Shu region. The hackers find out that these guys have come to help Liu Bei. Cao Cao unleashed his fighting form and began to dominate Liu Bei. Two of the heroes tell Liu Bei that they could face Cao Cao three to one. Liu Bei accepts and uses Haro’s power to release a dragon blade that collides with Cao Cao’s sword. Liu Bei counterattacks with Soengeki-Ryuha to crush Cao Cao.

Previously in SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 16

Master Cao Cao against Soengeki Ryuha with Tembu Ho-ohdaizhazan and cut off Liu Bei’s powers sending him flying. One of the heroes reminds Haro that Liu Bei needs his powers. He wanted to send Haro to Liu Bei, and the enemies told him that he would not pass through here easily. Zhao Yun arrives by bicycle and tells the heroes that he can stop the enemies while they send Haro to Liu Bei.

They are surprised to see Zhao because, in their last battle, Zhao was sent from the top of a cliff and word spread that he was dead. But he survived an explosion and was separated from his crew. Zhao wakes up near the river and wonders where he is while the fisherman asks who this guy is. The fisherman’s family took care of Zhao and cared for him until he recovered. Zhao was worried about Liu Bei and the others when he was with the fishing family.

The dragon’s watch over the Shu region

The fishing family tells Zhao to relax and recover, and Zhao realizes that Liu Bei and the others will be fine. Upon returning to battle, Zhao tells the heroes that he will explain his history after the war. Meanwhile, Cao Cao overwhelms Liu Bei and points the sword at his head, saying that he once asked Liu Bei to join him. Cao Cao tells Liu Bei that he will not kill him if he follows his orders. Liu Bei replies that he said no and that nothing will change that, even if it means death.

Cao Cao brandishes his sword to cut off Liu Bei’s head. But Zhao uses Ryusosen to stop Cao Cao from killing Liu Bei. Liu Bei realizes that Zhao has returned and Zhao throws Haro at Liu Bei. Haro forms a pact with Liu Bei and transforms into a stronger hero. Liu Bei tells Cao Cao that he is unstoppable. The two get into a 50/50 fight, and Liu’s men say that Liu should kick Cao Cao’s butt. One of the heroes realizes that whoever possesses the power of the dragon with this power is the one who will save the world.

Liu Bei unleashes the Chozetu Shigoku Songeki Ryuha to punish Cao Cao. Cao Cao realizes that the blow is too powerful for him, but it is too late to dodge it. Liu Bei cuts Cao Cao and appears behind him. After a massive explosion, Cao Cao crashes to the ground with serious injuries while trying to get up. Sun Jian arrives and tells Liu Bei that it is enough since he defeated Cao Cao. Cao Cao accepts defeat and Liu Bei rejoins his team. Meanwhile, another evil hero rises up and wants to finish off Wukong.

SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 17 Release Date

The release date for SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 17 is July 29, 2021.

Where to watch SD Gundam World Heroes episode 17?

You can watch SD Gundam World Heroes Episode 17 online on Crunchyroll and Funimation.