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Preview and Release Date for The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer Chapter 23

July 31, 2021

The Tyrant's Only Perfumer Chapter 23

The story of a young woman who reincarnated as Ariel Watson continues. Duke Cedrick Evans lives with Ariel, but the two have been separated since Cedrick was struck by a bloodlust curse. Let’s take a look at chapter 23 of The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer. In the final chapters, Ariel worries that Cedrick hasn’t communicated with her for a long time. Lina and Eren surprise her when they arrive in her room and reveal that they have received a letter from the Duke family. Ariel is excited that Cedrick has texted them.

They discover that Cedrick invites them to see the new living room. Ariel takes the letter and reads it, confirming that it is true that Cedrick asked for them. The trio decide to go there, and Ariel is happy that the new store is doing a good deal. Ariel tells Lina to help her get dressed as they have a lot of work to do. The gentleman, Eren, accompanies Lina and Ariel to the new living room. When they get there, Lina sees a beautiful new store written Ariel’s Scent Salon. They enter the store and Ariel hears someone greet them. She discovers that it is Cedrick who decides to show her around.

The two reunite, and Cedrick realizes that he worked hard pushing the contact to finish building the store quickly. Ariel is impressed that Cedrick completed the three-month job in just one month. Ariel is happy that her dream of opening her new store has come true. They both walk to the back of the building and see a new garden. Cedrick tells Ariel it’s a gift and they discover that customers are waiting for the store to open. Among those clients is a hooded lady who cannot believe that Ariel Watson is successful.

The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer – Chapter 22 Summary

In the morning, Raphael talked to Ariel about something and she thanks him for the news. Raphael asks what he’s going to do with this information, and Ariel replies that he won’t let them go quickly. Ariel also promises that she will find a way to win her own game. The next day, citizens walk through the hall and discover that it is closed. They wonder why a new salon closes after it opens. Ariel sits down with Lina and Eren and they have breakfast together.

Ariel reveals that she came up with a plan last night and wants the two men to help her. Lina and Eren agree and take two sheets of paper to write down all the details. Ariel says that merchants need more money and Lina adds that they don’t have more money. They can grow the ingredients directly on the sponsorship, and the scent will take a few months to prepare. Eren has no idea and decides to go with the flow, as it is all about feminine things.

A member of the royal family

Lina notices that Ariel has not had enough time to sleep and that she is developing strategies to solve her problems. She reminds him to rest because they have a long day ahead of them. Ariel thinks she’s not good enough and doesn’t know what to do. Lina tells him that they can help him. But Eren draws his sword, thinking that they are going to enter a real battle. Ariel tells the two of them to relax because it’s not that kind of battle that she says. Duke, the member of the royal family, arrives and surprises the trio by appearing behind them.

Ariel wonders why Duke is there, and Eren responds that he called him. Eren realizes that Ariel has been overly stressed for the past few days and decides to call Duke to solve the problem. He tells Ariel that he thinks Duke is the answer to his problems. Ariel whispers that Eren is right as there is no need to worry when Cedrick is there. Cedrick is Ariel’s investor and has good reason to help them. Cedrick looks at Ariel, who is wondering, and asks what she wants him to do.

Ariel beats around the bush since it’s all about the money and tells Cedrick that she doesn’t want him to give her a clue. Cedrick decides to help her and asks if she knows Jaina Gilbert. Ariel had no idea, and Cedrick said that Jaina is the owner of Gilbert Caravan and is in charge of distributing the various items. They decided to make a deal with Jaina and travel to her kingdom.

The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer Chapter 23 Release Date

The release date for Chapter 23 of The Tyrant’s Only Perfumer is August 2, 2021. We don’t officially have the means to fear the final Mana chapter. But we will keep bringing new chapters every week. Don’t miss the next chapter after the premiere of the last one. Remember that the manga publishes new chapters every two or three days of the week.