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Pokemon 2019 Episode 73 delayed

June 30, 2021

Pokémon 2019 is taking a little hiatus and the next episode will be released in early July. The adventure and Goh and Satoshi are far from over as they set out to conquer the world, collecting and defeating Pokémon to achieve their goals. Satoshi still dreams of fighting with the supreme monarch, Dande. Goh dreams of obtaining the Legendary Pokémon Mew after catching all the Pokémon. The story tells of the adventures of Goh and Satoshi. The episode begins in the city of Hodomeo, in the Isshu region.

Satoshi and Goh have come to the city of Hodomeo to investigate a rumor about a recently discovered Pokémon. The duo approach a salesperson who claims that the rumor is not accurate. Satoshi asks about the new evolution of Gear. The salesperson reveals that a funny joke was invented to advertise his store. Goh wonders about the eyewitness sketches. The vendor responds that he drew these sketches and showed them life-size Gear cookies as Ishhu’s specialty. Goh and Satoshi are disappointed because that’s not what they thought.

The Rocket team relaxes in town and enjoys eating cookies. They also fall into the discovery trap. Musashi criticizes Kojiro for never verifying that the rumors were correct and for coming to Isshu to eat cookies. Nyarth responds that they watched the news on television and decided to take a trip. Musashi comments that he wanted to catch this Geeear and Nyarth taunts her saying that he can’t pronounce Gear correctly. Kojiro intervenes after noticing that the two are not stopping and says that it is a hoax. Koharu and Evee love to shop in town, and Koharu says Hodomoe town market is fantastic. The two encounters disappoint Goh and Satoshi, wondering if the investigation is over.

Previously in Pokémon 2019 Episode 72

The title of the episode is “The Panic of the Underground Labyrinth.” Satoshi tells Koharu that the investigation is over and that they are both talking about shopping. Koharu explains the fun he had while shopping, and Satoshi replies that Koharu is the lucky one. Koharu wonders what happened to them since they looked pale. Kojiro notices that Musashi and Nyarth are still arguing about Gear’s correct spelling and showing off the brats. Musashi tells Kojiro that she doesn’t fall for this trap.

But they were excited to find out that it is true that children are her. The trio saw Koharu, Goh, and Santoshi waking up near the markets. Nyarth suggests catching Pikachu, and Sonasu agrees. Later, Goh, Satoshi, and Koharu have fun eating team cookies with their Pokémon. Goh comments that this means they traveled here to buy cookies. Sarunori and Evee saw a tunnel and greeted its owners. Satoshi looks behind him and sees an underground maze. Evee and Sarunori jump into the tunnel and Goh decides to follow them.

They both slide down the tunnel leaving Pikachu behind, but he sees them and follows them. Team Rocket arrives and Kojiro comments that they dive deep. Musashi realizes that they are trying to escape and that she will make them pay to escape. Kojiro tells him that it is not a good idea to ambush the children here. Nyarth says that Sonasu will wait at the entrance and capture Pikachu, and the trio will enter the underground labyrinth. Pikachu tries to find his way by following his team.

Team Rocket vs. Brainy boys

Goh, Koharu, and Satoshi try to call Evee and Sarunori, but cannot find them. They hear a voice and head in that direction, where they find Evee and Sarunori. Satoshi sees a hole and wonders what is going on. Team Rocket hides nearby, waiting to take their first step. Satoshi says that this place looks like a maze. Musashi says they couldn’t see them and it’s time to capture them. She tries to activate the Hyper Catching Machine, and Nyarth reminds her that she broke that machine.

Nyarth and Musashi begin to argue, and Kojiro drops a monstrous ball that takes Morpeko out angrily. Nyarth realizes that they have summoned an angry and hungry Morpeko. Morpeko begins to let out thunder and Kojiro says that they must remain silent or the children will see them. Satoshi hears this and asks what Team Rocket is saying, then asks them why they are there. Goh wonders if the boys are up to something. Musashi offers a challenge between the Brat Boys and Team Rocket and says that he will take them by force.

Musashi tricks them and attacks with a smoke screen that comes out of black smoke. Team Rocket escapes carrying something in a bag and says Pikachu is theirs. They hear a voice and discover that they stole the wrong Pokémon, Evee, instead of Pikachu. Satoshi is with Pikachu and realizes that he will have problems if he runs out of cookies. Nyarth saved Koharu from the evil Pokémon inside the maze. For the first time, Team Rocket and the brats work together and emerge from the spooky maze.

Pokémon 2019 episode 73 release date and preview

The release date for Pokémon Episode 73 is July 9, 2021 at 6:55 pm JST. You can watch Pokémon 2019 online on Netflix.