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Peach Boy Riverside Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

July 14, 2021

Peach Boy Riverside Season 1 Episode 3. Peach Boy Riverside is a television series of the same name written by Cool-Kyou Shinja. Peach Boy Riverside is an animated action-adventure series. The story follows Princess Saltorine Aldike or Sari of the Kingdom of Aldarake, who lived a very safe life.

After a tedious encounter with Mikoto Kibitsu, who saves her kingdom from the Oni collection, she decides to see the world and embark on an extraordinary journey. The anime will premiere on July 1, 2021.

Peach Boy Riverside Season 1 episode 3 release date

Peach Boy Riverside Season 1 Episode 3 “Sally and a Crossroads” will air on July 15, 2021 on Tokyo MX Network, BS NTV Network and AT-X Network. Studio Asahi Production developed this television series in collaboration with Kodansha. Shigeru Ueda helped the board while Keiichirou Oochi led the writing team.

Peach Boy Riverside Season 1 Episode 3 Synopsis

Peach Boy Riverside Season 1 Episode 3, after Sett, Walrus Oni takes Frau, Sari enters. He easily blocks Sett’s fist, much to Oni’s surprise. The latter then attempts to apply his Oni blast to his opponent, creating a long line of sheer destruction.

However, Sari and Frau were not affected. Sari then killed Sett with a single upper body wound with her short sword. Meanwhile, Meki meets an alien, who quickly identifies him as Mikoto Kibitsu, who is about to destroy the Oni settlements. Mikoto waits until Meki fully recovers to fight him. Oni’s rampage does not affect Mikoto, who defeats him easily.

However, he saves his life after realizing that he looks a lot like him. Instead of taking Meki’s life, Mikoto cuts off his horn and gouges out his eye, turning him into a human with purpose and purpose.

Since Sett’s defeat, the morale of the inhabitants of Rimdarl’s kingdom has completely changed in favor of Sari and Frau. Almost immediately, they became well-known state heroes. Hawthorn asks for their help with Meki, who was found outside the castle.

Later, Sari discovers that Mikoto was there. He leaves with Frau and Meki, knowing that they will be killed in another way. Hawthorn follows them and tries to convince them to return.

But suddenly, the massive explosion of Oni devastates the entire kingdom of Rimdarl except Hawthorn. In Episode 3, Hawthorn, now helpless and miserable, is able to join Sari’s party. Meki may have honored Somenki, the Oni who destroyed Rimdar.