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One Piece manga reveals the true nature of Shinobu’s devil fruit powers

August 5, 2021

The One Piece manga reveals the true nature of Shinobu's powers when it comes to the Devil Fruit.

The one piece manga reveals more about Shinobu and will continue this weekend with the premiere of another chapter that will provide more updates on the ongoing raid on Wano. The final chapters of the manga reveal one interesting thing after another, dating back to the first rooftop showdown between Kaïdou, Big Mom, and the worst generations.

This could be due to the fact that we’ve seen every aspect of Devil Fruit and Haki by now, so what we already know wouldn’t be enough for the worst generations to fend off the two Yonkou and their pirate crews. Therefore, it is necessary to do something that we have not seen yet, as we are going to witness what a full-scale battle against two Yonkou would look like.

Since then, the manga has focused on revealing certain aspects of Devil Fruit and Haki for the first time in the franchise. Well, for most of them at least, as some have only confirmed what we’ve seen in the anime and manga. And just when you thought it would all be over when the action kicks in on the raid, it seems things will start to move again, even in events far from the front lines.

The final chapter of the One Piece manga saw Luffy meet Momonosuke once again, when he was knocked down from the roof. Later, while Shinobu was with Momonosuke running away from Kaidou, they found themselves on the ground. Their conversation once again brings a new insight into Shinobu’s Devil Fruit powers, when we thought it was just rotting things.

Momonosuke’s request to Shinobu in the next chapter of the One Piece manga revealed that Shinobu’s powers are not just about making things rot.

Shinobu Devil Fruin’s powers in the One Piece manga

Shinobu’s powers have been revealed to be of the Juku Juku no mo paramecia type that allows him to mature and decompose inanimate objects. So throughout this time, we’ve seen Shinobu use his Devil Fruit powers on inanimate objects, as his powers have been revealed all along.

But in One Piece chapter 1020, Momonosuke reveals another way to use Shinobu’s powers. According to the way he talks to you. Momonosuke spoke as if he had seen Shinobu do what he asked before, or at least heard from Shinobu herself or someone else.

But Shinobu rejects Momonosuke’s request, raising the question of whether Shinobu’s powers could have worked on Momonosuke. To Zou, Momonosuke revealed that he wished he could grow and become stronger very quickly. And now we see him asking Shinobu to use his powers to transform him into an adult.

But since Shinobu’s power has been touted as only working on inanimate objects, this should be something worth waiting for. It could also be a misunderstanding on Momonosuke’s part of how Shinobu’s powers actually work. It appears that the limits of the Devil Fruit powers of anyone directly involved in this fight will be tested, as Kaïdou and his team appear ready to refuel right now.

So that should be the deciding factor in most fights. There is still a lot of combat to cover, and all will require the next level of combat; so we will see everyone unleash their best attacks and even exceed their limits.

With almost all of the Tobiroppo seemingly defeated, the All Starts are still holding their own, despite Nekomamushi and Inuarashi nearly outscoring Jack. There are still some fights involving King, and we still need to get more updates on Big Mom versus Kid and his group and Perospero apart with the rest of the Big Mom pirates that have come to Wano.

Things are still crowded now, but with more manga chapters and fewer manga breaks expected this month, we should be able to get some good manga development by August.