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One Piece episode 980 release date

June 22, 2021

Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures have finally begun, as he wants to become the Pirate King. For Luffy, the definition of a pirate is different from other pirates. He likes to travel the world, conquer different islands and bring peace to the world. The Straw Hats become popular all over the world and decide to behead the powerful pirate beast Kaido. So the greatest war in Wano Country history is about to begin. One Piece has returned to the future after revisiting the past. Take a look below.

The episode begins with Kinemon thanking Luffy for coming and confessing that he laid out his plans. After meeting the team, it was revealed that Kanjuro was the enemy on the night of the Fire Festival. It seems that the hope of the samurai Akazaya was lost until Luffy and the other allied pirates appeared. The Kyoshiro family arrived and surprised the pirates by cutting the boat of Kaido’s men in half. Kinemon wonders who this man is, since they never allied with him. The title of the episode is “Good luck! The plot of the leader Kinemon “.

Kanjuro wonders what happens after Kyoshiru cuts off his ship. Ashura believes that Kyoshiro is working for Orochi and that they should prepare to fight him. Ashura reveals that the man takes Chief Hyogoro’s place. The man shows that he is a Yakuza from the Flower Capital, and people call him Kyoshiro from nap. Kyoshiro comments that his Kyoshiro family has 200 members and that he wants to ally with them and help in the raid. Kaido’s men are surprised that the boss is helping the other side. Sanji wonders why this guy is joining his camp. Brooke comments that she thought this man was an enemy.

Previously in One Piece Episode 979

Luffy asks what this man wants, and Kuku reminds him that he is Orochi’s subordinate and that he owes them a favor. Kyoshiro replies that he owes the Kozuki clan an immeasurable amount of tricks and debts. Kyoshiroo says that he remembers Kin every day. Kinemon wonders why this guy calls him Kin-san and realizes that this voice is familiar to him. Kyoshiro talks about the Mountain God incident that occurred in the capital 40 years ago. People thought that Oden was crazy, but it happened because young Kin-san tried to sell the little boar.

Kinemon remembers the day he saw Oden cut the giant board with two swords: Paradise Waterfall. Kinemon realizes that the only one who knows this story is Denjiro. The members of Akazaya acknowledge that he is Denjiro. Ashura admits that Denjiro was his rival when it came to crushing enemies. Ashura recalls that he was separated from Kinmon and that he fought an army of Kaido men with Denjiro. The members of Akazaya are happy that Denjiro, aka Kyoshiro, is alive.

Kyoshiro lets go of his hair, and the Akazaya members have no doubt that it is Denjiro. In his Denjiro style, he comments that he is the servant of the Kozuki clan and one of the Nine of the Akazaya. Kyoshiro realizes that he is unrecognizable and that when he found out that Kin-san and the others had returned, he kept a low profile. Kyoshiro reveals how he tricked Kanjuro as he knows that Kanjuro was the spy and Orochi would have eliminated him. momonosuke is still in Kanjuro’s hands, trying to bite him and yelling Denjiro’s name.

Raid Onigashima – Defeat the pirates of the animal kingdom

Kyoshiro reveals how he won Orochi’s trust to the end, and freed 1000 samurai in the prisons of the city of Rasetsu. Reinforcements arrive and the Akazaya hears “1200 soldiers in total! Count on us! ”Kaido’s ego cannot believe that Chief Kyoshiro is one of the Nine of the Akazaya. One of the men orders the other to call Onigashima and warn Orochi. Denjiro shows Kinemon the crescent moon steering wheel and comments that Kin-san is a very smart man.

An inverted crescent moon signifies rebellion, and the crew realize that they are where they said they would be. Danjiro reveals how a spy fell into his trap and told Orochi that Tokage Port was the new rendezvous point. As a result, the plan worked and the 4,200 soldiers Kinemon recruited stayed at the Habu harbor dock until the time was right. Suddenly, all the troops have arrived and are ready to attack Onigashima. Hyogoro also arrived and commented that they will be coming with Akazaya Samuari.

Onigashima’s plan of attack did not go bad at all, and 1,200 adds up to 5,400 to invade Onigashima. Zoro comments that they will get there no matter what. Chopper comments that they can easily beat the Animal Kingdom Pirates. Luffy says that he doesn’t understand, but that he will go with the flow. Law tells Luffy not to let his guard down because Big Mom is in Onigashima. The Samurai comments that Kinemon is the only one who can lead them. Kawamatsu fights Kanjuro to try to free Momonosuke. But he managed to escape with Momonosuke.

One Piece episode 980 release date

The release date for One Piece Episode 980 is June 27, 2012 at 9:30 am You can watch one piece online on Crunchyroll and Netflix.