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One Piece episode 973 release date

May 3, 2021

The Nine of Akazaya set out to confront Kaido and Orochi; Oden discovers that the promise they made five years ago was a lie. Kaido told Oden that day that they had no chance of defeating the samurai, and now they have spent five years gathering subordinates to take on the samurai. He also told Oden that it was foolish to believe Orochi’s words, and made him dance naked every week. One Piece has entered a great war between the Nine Akzaya (the nine red pods) and the Pirate Beasts.

Kaido’s henchmen laugh at Oden, who was screwed up by an idiot like Orochi. The episode that we are going to see is titled The End of the Oden vs. Kaido Battle. Oden tells Kaido that he made a decision five years ago, but now they can talk about the future. He unleashed his two Katana and took out half of Kaido’s henchmen in one hit. Kaido’s NCOs wanted to retire, but realized it was life or death. A big blast. One of the subordinates comments that the Samurai is too strong. The exalted responds that they are outnumbered.

Previously in One Piece Episode 972

Kine’mon tells the rest of the Akazaya Nine to follow Oden as they pulverize and slash enemies. Oden was about to be shot by a pirate hiding in the forest by the pirate who was cut down by a lady. This lady appears at the top of a tree and Oden asks her who she is. The lady replies that she is from Sukiyaki’s group. Oden realizes that this woman is a Shinobu from the Ninja Legion. He asks what happened to the rest of the Ninjas, and she reveals that Kozuki’s Ninja Legion was sold to Orochi by Fukurokuji.

Oden comments that those who cannot trust their idiot lord cannot be blamed. The lady told Oden that her dream was to serve Oden one day. Raizo arrives to support the two men on their way to the enemies. The lady reveals that she is still Kozuki’s Ninja. Raizo calls this lady Shinobu. He tells Shinobu that they still have a long journey ahead of them. Oden unleashes a two-sword style and begins taking down the pirates. Meanwhile, Otoki is at home taking care of Hoyori and Momonosuke.

He is weaving something thinking about war. But Yasuie and the other samurai are there to protect her. Yasuie realizes that Orochi could send pirates to kill Oden’s family. Otoki remembers the moment when Yasuie reveals to him that Oden sent the latter to him, and he said, “My wife and children will be the target. Please save them. ” That day, Yasuie realizes that momonosuke is already eight years old. He tells Otoki to fix himself if Oden loses and this country ends. Otoki has finished knitting Oden’s dress and kisses the dress with tears that Oden might lose.

Back on the battlefield, the pirates inform Kaido that the first unit has been eliminated. Kaido was enraged when Orrorrroor roared with a huge fireball in his mouth. They comment that Kozoki Oden is stronger than they imagine. The Queen comments that it is pathetic; Why does it take so long to kill 11 samurai? He wonders why a thousand soldiers can’t get the job done. Kaido decides to go there and get the job done. Inhale a great breath of wind and exhale a huge and powerful attack called Blast Breath.

Oden manages to counter the Blast Breath and slashes it with a two-sword style. The queen and the king are in awe of the Samurai’s actions. Oden asks the latter why he doesn’t give up when he could lose a thousand soldiers. He tells him that if he wants to fight, he can go to him. Oden comments, “Here I am,” and the Queen tells the pirates to blockade Oden.

Oden casts Oden Two-Sword Styl: Paradise Totsuka which interrupts Kaido who said “What?” The attack left Kaido with a server injury, and he realizes that no one has made him scream and feel pain like Oden. Kaido transforms back into his normal form and uses Momonosuke as bait. He hits Oden with his bat, and Oden thinks he’s saving Momo.

But when he collapses, he realizes that it is the old man of the time who uses the Clone-Clone technique to impersonate Momo. On this day, the legendary fight between Kuzuki Oden and the members of Akazaya comes to an end. The intense battle between the samurai of Akazaya and the pirates of the Animal Kingdom sets fire to a forest in Udon. Otsuki, Momonosuke and Hiyori awaited Oden’s return.

But Oden doesn’t show up and they wonder what happened. Meanwhile, Oden and his team are arrested, and he saves Shinobu by saying that she is not on his team since he came to kill him. Shinobu is allowed to leave, and he realizes that Oden did it on purpose. Later, Oden’s execution begins, and Oden tells Kaido to give him a chance. He says that if any of them survive inside the lava pot, they must free them.

One Piece episode 973 release date

One Piece episode 973 will be released on Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. You can watch one piece online on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix.