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One Piece chapter schedule for July 2021 and manga break

June 24, 2021

As the One Piece manga recently returned from Oda’s hiatus around June, it will take a long time for another hiatus. The manga will continue as usual and will take a break after every three chapters. However, in the next week, we will take a look at Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1018, which will be available in early July. So far we have recent developments and One Piece Chapter 1017, which reveals the truth beyond Luffy’s Devil Fruit. We will have three exciting chapters before another weekly break.

During the month of July, One Piece will focus on the battle between Queen and Sanji and other actions taking place in Onigahima. Everyone hopes to discover the truth beyond Luffy’s defeat, which will soon be revealed, and the manga continues. One Piece will continue to show different twists and turns during the battle until Luffy’s return. The confrontation between father and daughter (Kaido and Yamato) will continue as Samari searches for Kaido’s head. Yamato and Sanji’s powers will be revealed as the battle progresses.

The Manga will continue at its own pace, but the battle is far from over as Kaido has more to offer the Samurai. The next chapter will be the most interesting as the truth behind the powers of the various Devil Fruits will be revealed. Enemies will be destroyed even if they are numerous. It is not easy to predict the coming chapters, since the war has started recently and other things have not happened yet. The revenge between Luffy and Kaido will take time.

One Piece Episode Schedule for July 2021

The samurai continue to charge, led by other vital captains, as Sanji decides to defeat Queen. Yamato tries to survive until Luffy arrives for another fight. Luffy’s allies will continue to fight while awaiting his return. Take a look at the July schedule below. Let’s take a look at what the manga has to offer for July:

No rest this week on June 27, 2021

The release date of One Piece Chapter 1018 is July 2, 2021

For July, the manga will release a new chapter at the beginning of the first week of July. The chapter will arrive on Friday, but we expected it on Sunday. The spoilers will be available during the week before the premiere of the main chapter. After the premiere of Chapter 1018, we will have two more chapters to look forward to, and spoilers will be available as soon as the manga publishes the final chapter. The final chapter in June will build on the two in early July and then be completed with a weekly break.

In the last chapter, we saw Jinbe and Who’s Who go head-to-head. The Who’s Who showed his trump card and revealed that he was C9’s former agent. On the other hand, Chopper witnessed the aftermath of 30 Minute Fighting Bullet. The truth beyond Who’s Who has come to light, and Gomu Gomu is no longer linked to the World Government. One Piece has a lot to reveal in the following chapters.

The release date of One Piece Chapter 1019 is July 9, 2021. Until now, the manga releases the final chapter every Friday, until Oda’s break is reached. Chapter 1019 will be the second in July. After the premiere of chapter 1019, the ode break will come and then three more chapters will be released. The chapter will offer a lot, which makes us think that Sanji will dominate Queen and that Yamato will always be face to face with Kaido. As for Luffy, it’s hard to know when he will fight again, but he’s saved.

Ode break

The release date of One Piece Chapter 1020 is July 23, 2021. The release date of One Piece Chapter 1021 is July 30, 2021. The release date of One Piece Chapter 1022 is July 6 August 2021. All these chapters will reveal another part of the battle. , as follows WSJ Break. Spoilers will be available weekly, starting Monday through Wednesday. We will continue to update the one piece manga and anime information as the Battle for Onigashima is about to begin in the anime.

The manga will continue as usual, as will the anime. One Piece is still officially available online on VIZ Media and Manga Plus.